Two Mothers Two Sons Chapter Two

"Okay, okay...enough of this." Jessica said, taking a sip of her tea. "You need to tell me exactly what happened between you and, Matthew and you need to tell me right now." It was only yesterday that Jessica discovered her friend of nearly twenty years was not only cheating on her husband, but cheating on him with their son. Donna paused for a moment, unsure of exactly how to explain everything that had happened to her over the last few days. "Oh, god...I don't even know where to start," she eventually answered with a grin a mile wide. The middle-aged mom looked happier than she had in years. Jessica noticed it the moment, her friend stepped from her SUV and they embraced just outside the café. Donna was glowing in the way that only a great fuck can cause a woman to glow. She looked radiant. "I think it started that day at your pool. Remember? When we were watching Jason swim?" Jessica nodded and took another sip of her tea, her pussy moist with anticipation. "Anyway, that son of yours got me all riled up and when I got home...I don't know....I just started looking at, Matty differently, you know? He's so young, and he's so strong, and he's my son, I get that...but he's also just so damn cute. I went into that long speech about how you shouldn't feel bad for noticing Jason's...finer points...and, well, it just felt like maybe I should take my own advice." Jessica couldn't blink. For a moment she recalled the sounds she'd heard over the phone the day before. The excitement and the pleasure in her friend's voice was undeniable. "So, Jim had just left for work yesterday morning and Matty was in the shower." Donna's smile grew even wider as she replayed the events in her own head. Her tongue peeked out and ran sensually across her upper lip. "I don't know why I did it. I really don't. I don't know if it was our talk, or it was something I'd always wanted to do anyway, or what...but I walked right into the bathroom, I peeled off my clothes and stepped into the shower with him." Jessica nearly spit out her drink. "Oh my god! No you did not! What did he do?" "Poor k** was scared out of his mind at first." "No doubt." "He settled down pretty quickly though." Donna added with a giggle. "You'd be amazed how easily a man...any man...comes to grips with a situation when you grab hold of his dick." The horny moms burst immediately into laughter. They were so loud, and so animated that a few of the other diners flashed them dirty looks. When Jessica's chuckling finally subsided, she swallowed deep. "So that's it? It was that easy? You just stepped into the shower with him and the next thing you know you're fucking like rabbits?" Donna leaned back in her chair and nodded, perspiration glistening off the ridge of her hefty chest. "Fucking like rabbits is a perfect term...believe me. I didn't even know what that really meant until yesterday. There's something about a teenage cock, Donna. I swear to you I'm never going back. That son of mine is a machine. He was made for fucking. It was all he wanted to do and it was all we did...all day. If I didn't feel like I needed to tell you about it so badly, I would have called his school, told them he had pneumonia and spent the rest of the week draining those beautiful balls of his." Jessica placed her glass tea against her forehead. She was picturing Matthew between his mother's outstretched legs, his hips pounding away at her puffy patch of pink as he grunted and groaned, and fought the urge to spill his load deep inside her. The glass was nice, but it wasn't nearly enough to cool her down. Donna leaned across the table and wrapped Jessica's hand in her own. Her expression turned deadly serious. "I don't know what you wanted to talk to me about so badly when you called yesterday, but I think I have a hint at what it might be. Let me just tell you this...whatever you're doing or thinking of doing, or you're on the fence just need to do it, sweetie. I'm serious. Stop thinking altogether. Thinking is stupid. Just do what you need to do and never look back. I promise you will not regret it." On the drive home, Jessica was a mess of emotions. While she was happy for, and envious of her friend, she also felt bad for Donna's husband. What if Jim ever found out? What would happen then? Divorce probably. She also thought about her own son, about Jason and the little speedos she'd coaxed him into parading around the house in. She remembered the way his cock was so beautifully packed inside – a meaty-thick present desperately in need of unwrapping. She wondered what it would taste like? How it would feel to wrap her lips around it and suck to her hearts content? She nearly ran a red light while thinking about that. She also thought about her own husband, Dale. Could she do something like that to him? Could she even live with herself if she did? By the time she arrived home, Jessica still didn't have answers to her questions. She was distant most of the evening. She kept to herself and decided to turn in early. When Dale climbed into bed an hour later he started kissing her on the neck. When he reached his arm around her and grabbed a handful of breastmeat, she gently pushed him away. "Not tonight sweetie. I have a headache." Mostly it was true. Unable to sleep, she awoke just past midnight. Dale was curled up beside her. He was snoring and he was hogging the covers, and he as leaving a puddle of drool on the pillow underneath him. As quietly as possible, Jessica slid her legs off the bed, tiptoed out of the room and into the hallway. Wearing only a sheer, light pink baby-doll and a pair of matching panties, she moved silently down the hall. When she reached her Jason's bedroom, she stopped. Her hands were shaking and her mouth was dry. Her nipples were rock hard, moving in sync with every nervous breath. For a moment she considered turning back. She was acting silly. She wasn't even sure what she was doing. She couldn't sleep with her son and she certainly couldn't do it while her husband snored in the other room. She was acting c***dish. For a luscious slab of what could possibly be the most fuckable dick she'd seen in her life? It was stupid. She was being stupid. Then she remembered the words of her friend and the grin on Donna's face when she spoke them. Just do it and never look back. I promise you will not regret it. Donna was right. Thinking was stupid. She was tired of thinking. There was a cock behind the bedroom door in front of her and she wanted it. So what if it belonged to her son? Jessica breathed deep, cleared her mind, pulled her hair into a tight ponytail, opened the door to Jason's room and stepped inside. It was dark, lit only by the moonlight coming through the window on the far end. Jason's bed was mostly a silhouette, but she was able to discern the outline of his body, stretched out with a blanket covering his lower half. His shirt was off and his muscular chest exposed. A part of her wished it were brighter. Her heart was pumping, her pulse was racing, and her sex was throbbing. Already, the wetness of anticipation was forming between her legs. Just do it and never look back. I promise you won't regret it. In a single fluid movement, Jessica dropped to her knees beside the bed of her son and pulled back his blanket. He was sleeping in the nude. She was the happiest mother on the block. Her eyes had adjusted to the light and she could more clearly make out the shape, length and girth of his manhood. It was remarkable. It was the most beautiful thing she'd ever seen. She wanted it. She wanted it everywhere, in every way, and she wanted it now. Reaching out, Jessica quickly wrapped her dainty little fingers around the beefy stalk of her son's manhood. Just as quickly she leaned forward and shoved the head into her mouth. It tasted like heaven. Jason woke immediately. "What th..." was all he managed to get out before his mother's hand fell to his mouth and shoved him back to the pillow. The cock-starved mother's head was already bobbing at a frantic pace, sucking sloppily as her son's dick continued to harden and swell in her hand. In no time at all it was so thick her fingers were unable to reach around it. Jessica's tongue danced against the underside of the beefy fucksteak and tickled the bloated head. Soon the bloated organ was soaked in spit and precum. The substantial fluid was dripping down the sides and coating the balls underneath, leaking into the crack of his ass and onto the sheets below. Jason moaned. It was all he could do. His mother was working his dick like a champion cocksucker, moaning with a mouth full of blood-engorged flesh and stroking her hand in rhythm with her head. She was experienced and she was talented, and she knew exactly what she was doing. Jason placed his hand on her head and wrapped his fingers in her long blond hair. "Ohgod...ohgod, Mom. Oh." Jessica chuckled to herself, taking a moment to nibble lightly on the rock hard pecker pulsating between her lips. It really was as easy as Donna claimed. "Mom...why are you..." Jessica lifted her head from her son's delicious organ for only a second. She placed a single finger over his mouth. "Shhhhh. Don't talk, baby. Just let momma work her magic." Immediately after her mouth returned to the thick boycock in her hand. The taste was unreal – so sweet, and fresh and untouched. Her free hand moved to his balls, squeezing and kneading at the oversized sack and the fat globes inside. She'd never tasted anything it. She'd never held something so stiff and so solid and yet still so soft. Placing both hands at the root, Jessica tried to work the oversized tool all the way down her throat and in doing so gurgled obscenely. Overcome with the desire to scream, Jason reached his forearm to his face and began to gnaw on his flesh. He could feel his mother's fully aroused nipples, hidden behind a silky-thin fabric and dragging along his thighs. His groin was on fire and the sensation was slowly spreading throughout his body. His slick member slid from his mother's incredible lips with an audible pop. Jessica's smiled wide. She licked the film of spit and precum from her lips, breathing heavily, her fist pumping double-fast. "It's okay baby. Make that big cock cream for mommy. Come on. Mommy wants to see it squirt." Jason couldn't hold back any longer. Considering the situation, it was amazing he held back as long as he did. His muscles tightened and his legs kicked straight. His hands reached for the sheets on the bed gripped them tight. As his dick started to spew, one of Jessica's hands fell to his mouth and muffled his scream. Thick ropes of teenage jizz shot into the air, one after another before arching like rainbows and splashing to the bed. Through it all, Jessica never stopped stroking. Her head lowered again and her mouth enveloped the erupting head. Ropes of cum sprayed against the back of her throat and she immediately gulped them down. For nearly a minute Jason continued to writhe and moan as his healthy dick released its potent teenage sperm. Even after he'd finished cumming and his body was simply writhing on the bed, Jessica continued to suck. She couldn't bring herself to stop. She wanted to hold the cock of her wonderful baby boy forever. She wanted to use it and make it cum, and use it again. Donna was right; she didn't regret it – not one moment. Though it pained her to do so, Jessica eventually released Jason's dick. She pet it gently. She kissed it softly on the head and laid it on his stomach, before kissing it once again. Breathing heavily, she pulled at her engorged nipples and fought the urge to slip Jason's wonderful stalk into her mouth once more. Confused and sweaty, and spent, her son muttered, "Mom? I don't...what ha..." She cut him off midsentence, leaned down and kissed him on the lips. "Shhh. Go back to sleep, sweetie. We'll talk in the morning." Jason watched intently as his mother tiptoed quietly across the room. Though it was dark, he could clearly make out the swell of her ass and the cut of her panties as she moved. At the door, Jennifer stopped. She licked the aftermath of her own son's excitement from her lips and grinned. Everything would be different from that point on and there was no going back. That much was obvious. Before sliding quietly into the hallway and closing the door behind her, she peeked back into Jason's bedroom and noticed his cock was still standing proud, jutting up from his groin, long and proud and inviting. Everything had changed and she wouldn't have had it any other way.