The flight had no oxygen!

It started on Thursday a call came through asking for an immediate meeting in Christ Church. I didn’t want to leave right away so I asked Marcy to check flight availabilities.“Just one ticket J?” I noticed the pen that god dam chewed up pen in the corner of that god dam mouth!“Listen don’t be a smart ass, I can’t handle a paper cup without your help. You’re coming with me!” “Good times yah!” In that infuriating giggling voice she does.Marcy what can I say about Marcy efficient and an airhead, she always reminded me of Lex Luther’s secretary in the old Superman movie, but much younger and hotter! I think sometimes I hired her for her pert tits and tight skirts she loves to wear. Our relationship is a strange one I’m her master as I like to call it, and she is my slave, but without her I would be dead in more ways than I care to explain. By now you know I clearly love to hate this woman! The early morning started with a good blend of the finest coffee, slow roasted Arabica beans. I couldn’t sleep, I could never sleep before a long flight just habit of too much smoking and coffee to strategise for the pending meeting with the client.I used to masturbate furiously just to kill off any out of sync brain function and mental activity sometimes once was never enough. “J are you ready?” Marcy was smacking my door with impatience of a 10 year old.“Hold your horses! I’m coming” I opened the door and as requested a Cabbie was on stand by to take my luggage.Marcy clearly was not dressed for the occasion more like vacation. She wore a white one piece dress that hugged her pert breasts and it was short enough to arouse unwanted attention especially from the cab driver. “Jeez I can see your panties from here”“Well I’m not wearing any” Whilst sticking her very long tongue at me. She reached over to take some hand luggage and slightly bumped into my arm with those breasts. I could feel the material very chiffon fabric and see right through it as well.I thought I had a hard on, but it was morning wood that hadn’t gone down yet and brushed it off with out a second thought. “Com on we will miss check in get a move on” She bent over to get in and I just caught a glimpse of her black thong going up her arse. Don’t get me wrong I haven’t fucked this girl, she has too much power in the office already and I don’t want to add to my worries. The journey to the airport was a long one and she fell asleep on my lap making gurgling noises. The odd bump was giving me a hard on and the extra weight with her hot breathing made me rock hard.Arriving on time at the airport I had given the cabbie an extra tenner for the quick driving especially over the coble stones.All was going well until they said our flight was full and we had to wait for another hour for the next flight that had to be scheduled in the last minute. After the torrid duty free shopping by Marcy we finally got on board. “Why are we the only couple on this flight Marcy?”“Enh? Not sure” The air stewardess was a fine looking women, just my type tall dark haired and slender waist with big tits and arse. “Sorry this was an unscheduled flight and it’s a new plane which is why it was to take overflow passengers, but it will be full coming back” “Oh right thanks” “I’m your personal stewardess and you can call me Ann Marie if you need anything?” She served us some drinks and I caught sight of her low unbuttoned top which usually is buttoned up I’m guessing on a busy flight.Her breasts were held up by an overly tight bra that didn’t fit and I could see the pound of flesh accentuating her mounds. After a few drinks I relaxed and tried to look for Ann Marie. I eventually found her in the kitchen area making us some food for lunch. I stood there looking at her bend down she had black stockings but just glimpsed the tops being held on by garter belts.“How long are you going to watch me?” “Sorry I wanted another drink please?” blurting it out like it was the first thing I could think of. “Sure! You on business or pleasure?” “Business alas” We spoke for some time small talk nothing more nothing less.Ann Marie apparently is half Spanish and half French that excited me, as I’ve fucked most women from those countries and never did a mixed before. Most people find Spanish ladies a bit intimidating, but its how they have been brought up it’s a confidence thing and dominating too boot! “So is she your girlfriend?” “God No my secretary. She looks after my business and I sometimes look after her if she’s good” She laughed “So who looks after you?”“Me? I rarely get looked after. I look after myself” Sounding a bit gay and realising it!“You?”The kitchen area was a tight space like most lobby areas of standard planes I struggled to keep back as she moved from one side to another and every time she passed I felt her breasts brush past my chest ever so lightly. “I have a girl friend back in Spain” I was taken aback and a little disappointed as well. We spoke more about her situation and apparently Ann Marie is Bi sexual and her partner isn’t. So she misses a mans company especially when her partner gets jealous, I thought all Spanish women were like that possessive to the core if I recollected. I needed to go to the toilet and the plane was so dam big Ann Marie had to take me there.I couldn’t get the door open as it was a sensor thing and no handles.“It’s a trick” Ann Marie knew where to push this panel. I was bursting due to high altitudes and for love or money could not get my zipper undone. It was jammed and I was about to piss my pants.“Ann Marie help me I’m not lying my zipper is stuck and I’m bursting Help?”She comes right in and let’s say the room size wasn’t fun and it barely took me, let alone a busty lady.“Jack you aren’t lying the thing is stuck I can just barely pull the tip of the zip” I’m all flustered and laughing at the crazy scene I’m thinking I’m on a plane with the air stewardess undoing my pants Enh?I said “I’m just going to pee myself now” She laughs at me and can clearly see the outline of my cock about to burst due to me wanting to pee.“Just wait..... I’ve nearly got it”Suddenly it was free, but it was too late I had started to pee and Ann Marie was in the way. The angle of her body, whilst on her knees trying to get my flies down, was just too awkward enough that her head was in my line of fire. I felt a current of urine flowing like a river, just like when you’re constipated for weeks and you finally go. I couldn’t stop Ann Marie’s face getting it. She got the brunt of the blast she struggled and choked as it splashed and directly filling her pretty mouth. “Jack give me more, sorry I love this I’ve never done this before it’s so warm and sweet” I thought fuck its sweet, dam diabetes! My cock was hard just watching her swallow most of my urine. Fuck this is sick, but I’m turned on big time. After stopping, her poor hair and blouse had been soaked to bone.She grabbed the end of my cock and sucked it dry and rimming the head with such force it made me dizzy. “Ann I’m cu…..Cumm…CUMMMING” with that I pushed her head as far as I could poor women I’m at least 7” of Pepperoni. Ann had gulped it down, some had spilled over her rogue lipstick, but still moving her head gently as I finished my load of salty sweet cum. She flung her head back gasping for air afterwards and pulled up her skirt. “Jack fuck me I haven’t had a big dick for awhile just fuck me?” She kissed me biting my lower lip, and I didn’t like the taste of my own cum and urine. This was to be a turbulent flight and it was not over yet.Part2 to cum