Sweet and Juicy

As my fingers tap out my school assignment, I hear the neighbors come home. As they close their door, their doorframe shakes the wall I sit against.I am almost finished with my assignment and before I start my next one, I open a new browser window to start my music playlist.I hear a cupboard shut in the kitchen behind my head.My neighbor is making dinner.I shift my leg that is curled up under my body. My foot and thigh have fallen asleep and as I reposition them, a tingle warms my leg up to my groin. I feel my pussy react and wet it's self.My music pulses a steady, quiet rythm helping me concentrate on my school work while distracting me at the same time.A breeze comes through my open apartment window. Autumn has arrived but I am still wearing my summer's thin button-down shirt.My small breasts do not need the support of bras so the chill of the autumn breeze bites at my nipple.My fingers move quickly, deftly across the key board, trying to finish my homework soon; I want to get to my leisure time.I have been aching for it as I write my essays and calculate my sums.I take another bite of my snack;pineapple slices that are stickier each time I taste them, sitting marinating in their own juices.I take a sip of water and dip the tops of my sticky fingers in, daubing them on the napkin.My key board is sticky with a mysterious smear here and there so I rewet my finger and dab a little at the keys' dried juices and jellies.I adjust myself in the chair and it shifts, hits the bookcase against the wall. I know the neighbor hears when my book case hits her wall. Sometimes she slams the kitchen doors in response.My short black hair feels tight under my head band.I loose my hair and scrub my scalp with my knuckles, massage it with my finger tips.Cracking my knuckles, the autumn breeze nips again, drawing my eyes outside. It is evening, the sun has almost set outside my window.My home work done, I stand and stretch my arms. I feel the stretch all the way down my small torso, I have a boyish build with a full ass.I stretch to the side, pulling my arm over my head and a quiet muffled grunt escapes my throat.I take a deep breath and sigh, a little achey from sitting. I stretch again and then down to the floor.Pulling my stomach in, I arch my back as my palms swirl where they rest on the carpet. I have been wearing my new platform sandals and they help my ass angle up a bit more as I stretch it and the backs of my legs. My calves are so tight, I wish I had someone here to massage them. I imagine laying face down, naked on my soft cotton throw as strong deft hands massage my whole body with oils, inside and out.The thought of it causes my body to squirm in one big stretch, lengthening the backs of my legs. I angle my ass back and up higher and shake my legs out as I stand with my palms pressed into the floor.The increased bloodflow is making my cunt so hot.I can feel it juicing too. I want another bite of my juicy pineapple. This time, when the juice drips down my chin, I let it and unbutton my shirt.I rub the juice on my nipple and then wet it with some water. I trace down to my belly, to the little dent of a hole. I softly run my hand over my stretched and toned stomach.I massage the inside of my tight,shallow belly button. I feel a tingling all the way down to my clit's button like an electric wire.I stroke my lower belly above my cunt.I press and release as I rub in large circles. I bend over again to touch the floor and press my ass back towards my neighbor's wall. I feel my cunt and ass stretching with my upper thighs. My cunt gets wetter and hotter.I hold on to the floor with one hand and bring the other back to stroke my cunt and ass through my denim jeans in one long stroke, over and over as I press back into my hand's strokes.I widen my legs to get a better stance and hit the bookcase. It taps the wall. I hear my neighbor slam shut a kitchen door.I am rocking forward and back as I stroke my cunt.My music is playing slowly and rythmically. I let go of the floor to unbutton my jeans. I place my hand on my cotton panties where my pelvis rounds up above my clit. I hold and massage it as if it were my small breast,my finger occasionally running over my clit. I can feel my chubby labia lips through my panties. I trace them and press into them. My cotton panties are wet like my slightly used napkin.I take my jeans off and pull down my panties.I stand one leg on my coffee table where my computer now sits. My dark pink cotton panties hanging on the crook of my knee. I reach down and pick up a slice of pineapple and rub it over my clitoris. I quickly dip it inside my cunt and eat it in two bites. I can just barely taste my juices mingled in with the fruit in my mouth.I begin to trace my nipples with my wet fingers. I trace lighter and lighter on the pea sized little nubs.My tender breasts tingle in the autumn air, I feel goosebumps forming.I bend to take a sip of water and begin to finger the out side lips of my juicy cunt. They are wetting.Bent down to the table, I am surprised as a door slams loudly behind me and I wobble a little. I briefly brace myself against the table. My computer's music has stopped, the screen has gone black.I kneel on the carpet,pressing my bare belly against the smooth cold coffee table. Pushing my computer out of the way with my arm, I grab my ass with one hand and lean my shoulder on the coffee table, bringing my other hand down to my clit. The smell of hot musky skin, humid buttery fluids and slight bitter acids all waft up from my cunt.I can smell the pineapple slices on their plate near my face. I imagine what my juices would smell like to a face under the table, looking up, tickling my labia and gently holding them apart.I think I must be as glistening as fresh fruit by now.I stick my longest finger in my cunt up to the first knuckle and trace it on my mouth to taste it.My juices taste like salty water with a little sweetness. I smell like hot pineapple and buttery-bitter cunt juice.As I rub my asshole and the skin beneath it, I find the little tight skin at the base of my cunt and gently flick and stroke it faster and wetter as I run my finger up and down and in between my labia lips. I dip my finger into my juicy cunt and out again.With my other hand, below the table,I have two fingers massaging the fatty mound inside my cunt,my palm pressing and releasing against my clit and hood. I massage my hood with my thumb.My legs are sticky near my cunt. I move my other hand to feel the stickiness and squeeze the tendons near my groin.A shudder of pleasure shoots from them,through my cunt, ass and legs. I press into the tendons in my legs again. More juice comes.I move my hand back to my ass and squeeze the insides of the cheeks,then rub them then squeeze them as my other hand taps fast and hard on my clitoris.As I tap and rub my clitoris harder and faster, my finger is going in and out of my pussy and rubbing on my asshole, making it wet. I slowly rim my wet asshole like a tongue would. I wish someone were here to tongue me while I play with my clit. I press my face's soft fleshy cheek harder into the coffee table as I imagine a tongue is fucking my asshole.My finger on my clit rubs faster as it dips in and out of my pussy juice, wetting and flicking my clit like a tongue would.Now one finger is deep inside my asshole,wiggling furiously in my excitement. I hit a nerve and start hitting it hard and fast,pushing my finger as far into my asshole as it will go.Under the table, I have two soaking wet fingers in my cunt, grasping hard onto the fat little mound inside my pelvis.I flop my head to the other cheek and am hit with sticky wet hair where I had been resting in the plate of pineapples.I suck on my wet hair,smelling the pineapples as though it were my lover's soaking wet pubic hair. I twirl my tongue around my hair as a deep quiet moan rises in my throat.My bent legs begin to shake,my shoulders press into the coffee table for support,my glass of water falls to the carpet.I languidly watch the water spread as my stomach tenses and my ass muscles tense.Bracing myself with my hand in my cunt,the orgasm comes.I try to keep tickling my asshole and can't with the convulsions. I sit up on my hand as my head throws back. I am circling my clit as I tickle my ass, sitting hard on my finger.As my hand holds onto my ass, tickling my asshole,the other fingers tickle the wet base of my cunt lips.Convulsions make me rise and bounce down hard on my hand. My knees are red and sore where they've been pressed into the carpet. My hair sticks to my forehead."UghUgh Uggghhhh Ahhhhh" "uh uh uh.....huh"My back arches. I stretch back, the base of my head hits the floor as my thighs and cunt press up into my hand.I support myself on my elbow,it's hand braces me inside my asshole.I stroke the now tenderised, wet and hot little fleshy bit of meat below my urethra.It is so tender that this is too much for my body.My legs uncurl and kick to the side, my head throws back, rolls side to side on the carpet.My clitoris feels like it wants to seperate from my body.I stop,relax, then stroke the little tender meat inside again. I let out a groan."Ah!Uh uh Ahhhuh""Slam" Oops. I bite my lip."UHH UHHH uh"I lay on the rug tickling and teasing the little knob of tender flesh inside my cunt occasionally wiggling my finger in my ass until my body cools, the sweat dries and I start to feel cold.Now it's time for a bath.I dantily hit my computer's 'off' button with one of my drier fingertips and pick up my glass of water from off of the floor, sucking another piece of pineapple as I pad, naked across my apartment to the bathtub.