Seduced by a Middle Age Housewife

I’ve just been to meet a new customer for my garden and lawn care business, a pleasant chap called Nick and his wife Jane, she seemed nice too when she fetched us coffee. Prices were agreed and I was to start this week coming, one morning a week to see how I get on.The first morning arrived and I knocked on the back door just to let them know I was there. The house was an old barn converted a while back, single story but still impressive, set all by itself in the middle of farmland. The garden mostly at the rear and south facing was raised a couple of feet after the patio stretching back some way from the house to the fields beyond.Jane answered the door in her dressing gown after some time, I think I got her out of bed. I set to work and at about ten, she fetched two coffees out on to the patio.“I’ve made you a coffee” I sat down with her and we got talking, turned out her and her husband had just moved here two months ago. Her husband Nick works in the city during the week and had his own flat there.We sat talking to long, I don’t think she knew anyone around here yet and a bit bored with living in the country already. I set back to work and did what I had to do that morning, on leaving I told Jane I would be back next week same time if that was alright.Next week arrived, Jane was standing at the back door this morning waiting for me in a jolly mood and I set to work.The coffees came out at ten and we nattered, I took a bit notice of her today, dressed nice for just being around the house. A skirt that came to her knees, clinging to her bum and tummy, a cardigan that was low cut and showed all her curves, revealing how big of breasts she had and most likely a pair of tights.As she moved to pick up her cup, a glimpse of her white bra could just be seen between the buttons. Then the phone rang in the house and she went to answer it.Finishing my coffee by myself, I set back to work. Later I heard a shout from one of the back windows of the house and Jane was waving for me to come to her.“Can you help me please, that was Nick, he needs me to go out to dinner with him tonight with some new clients of his, but I’ve got the zip on this dress stuck, could you zip it up for me”Reaching through the window, I give it a tug and it zipped up“Oh thanks, I thought I was stuck, tell me what you think of it”She moved in to the room turning around with her arms spread out.“What do you think, feels a bit tight I think”“It looks nice,” I saidShe stood wearing a long silver, figure-hugging dress with a split half way up her thigh, as she moved back to the window her tan coloured leg parted the split showing her knee.At the window she twisted her head, looking over her shoulder at herself in the mirror, then bent down still looking at herself and give me a glimpse of her magnificent cleavage “Shit I can see my panty line clear as anything and I already have my special knickers to hide my lumps and bumps on”Jane still bending down, starts to shuffle, as I’m out side I didn’t actually know what she was doing behind the window, I can just see her upper body wriggling,. Standing back up she looks in the mirror again. “The dress is not right, can you unzip me again”Pulling the zip down the pale soft skin of her back appears and her bra straps. Jane slides each arm off her hand letting the dress fall to the floor.“Tell me which dress you like of these two”Jane walked from the window and I saw that she had taken her knickers off while she was wriggling about. Her pale white bum cheeks wobble and her hold up tan stockings, then I turned my head away not wanting to look like some peeping tom.“Which one do you like”“You can look you know”Keeping my eyes up I saw Jane holding the two dresses up at arms length, the fullness of her bra making my eyes wander. As see through as any, that I have seen in any of my mothers catalogues book at home that I some times look at.“Are you alright Tom”“Yes just a bit warm in the sun”“I haven’t embarrassed you, have I,” Jane asked“No” I said as I felt my face burning“Which one do you like”Now having to look at the dresses, I notice her tan stockings with a fancy pattern around the top as I move my head from one dress to another. Then I see her pussy, the first real pussy I have seen, a big neat triangle of mousey coloured hair and her pale tummy“I like the one in your left hand”Jane walked over to the window with the dress I picked, as I tried to avert my eyes from looking at her semi naked body“I have embarrassed you, haven’t I” said Jane“No, I didn’t want you to think I was staring at you”“Why not, I bet you have seen plenty of young females naked, better looking than me as well”“No, not really” I said“What about your girlfriend, you’ve got to have seen her naked”“I’ve never had a girlfriend”Jane covered up by pulling her dress on that I picked, spying out of the corner of my eye as she pulled the front over her big breasts.“Can you zip me up again, please”Reaching in the window, I pulled the zip from the bottom of her spine all the way up, shutting out the view of her bra. Twisting and turning in front of the mirror again, she bent down and it looked like she was putting her knickers back on. Jane stumbled on one leg trying to pull her knickers over her foot, eventually catching her balance back from the window safely.“Do you like this dress”Just as I looked, she pulled her knickers up her leg making her dress climb up as well. My eyes were fixed on her legs and crotch. Her knickers stopped, just below her stocking top but her dress kept rising. I felt a swelling in my trousers, fixed to the spot, I could not move my eyes as her crotch came in to show. The pale soft looking flesh at the top of her legs giving way to a hairy bush, now visible with being close to it. The mousey colour hair in a neat triangle and her pussy lips visible through the hair, my first close encounter with a woman and I was working for her husband.I don’t know how long my eyes were fixed on her crotch staring, but Jane never moved either, her knickers around her legs and her dress above her pussy until she spoke“You haven’t seen a woman’s before, have you”“No”Jane started to pull her knickers up, they were a flesh colour, big and stretchy. Dropping her dress, fetched me back to my senses.“I’m so sorry for staring”“It’s alright Tom, no harm done”Jane carried on adjusting her dress and looking in the mirror, standing in the middle of the room as she spun around“Do you like it”“It looks very nice”“Will you unzip me again please”Jane’s with her back to the window stood still while I pulled the zip down, seeing her bra strap then the top of her knickers. I felt my cock growing, pressing in to the wall.“Thank you Tom, I can manage now”Getting back to work wondering if I have lost my job because of my staring at the customer. I knocked on the door when I was finished for payment, but there was no answer, knocking again and opening the door I shouted in.Jane came rushing in with a towel around her waist and her bra covering her breasts, as she bent down to write the cheque I saw the size of her hard nipples poking through her bra and the mighty valley between her tits.“Here you are, see you next week, same time” Jane asked“Yes I’ll be here,” I saidNext week arrived, Jane must have still been in bed as the curtains were shut at the back and I start work. Some time later out of the corner of my eye I notice the curtains open and Jane getting dress just back from the window, the sun, lighting her up against the wall as she fastened her bra.It was coffee time when I saw Jane to talk to, she was dressed for the summer weather. Strappy top, a skirt half way between her knee and waist and a light green bra because I could see the straps.She started to ask question about me and why there was no girlfriend. I told her that I had to help my mother when my father walked out on us some years ago, Money was tight and I had to work and do collage at he same time so there was no time for a social life. Either I was at collage, learning about gardening or I was doing peoples gardens to make money.“That’ was good of you, no wonder you have such an athletic body, working all the time”Jane placed her hand on my leg“What strong legs”Her finger sliding up and down from my knee to the bottom of my shorts, my cock just happened to be in hiding down that leg.“Is there any girls you like”“No one at the moment”Her finger now making circularly patterns on my leg had my cock twitching to life, just as well she is not looking down and drinking her coffee instead. Her breasts look full in her bra pushing against the flimsy material of her strappy top, the pattern easy to make out on her bra.“Such a lovely boy like you would have all the girls falling at your feet”Jan’s splayed fingers gripped my leg as she moved in the chair and let out a deep breath. Her eyes shut and her chest heaving in and out with her breathing, still gripping my leg.“I better get going, I’ve got washing to hang out” Jane saidJane left rather in a hurry. About half an hour past before she came back out with the washing. I was working on the edge next to the patio when she put the basket down. As she bent down her skirt rode up giving me a flash of the back of her legs nearly up to her bum. Jane started to hang the washing on the jenny spinner, there seemed to be a lot of underwear, all fully stretch on the line, lacy bras and panty sets of all colours, some very see through, not the kickers I saw her wearing the last time but lacy sexy knickers. There was some all I ones things and a panty girdles with suspenders. I knew them because my mother wears them to keep her tummy in but Jane’s tummy is flat. My mother’s girdles are strong and reinforced without the suspenders not like Jane’s at all, all soft and lacy and sexy looking. Jane moved around the jenny spinner so she was facing me and crouched down to sort the washing in the basket, her legs were apart and her skirt high up her leg. I could see everything she had to offer, no sign of any knickers, just a naked fanny as she sorted the hooks on the bras that had attached to her lacy knickers.“Could you help me put some boxers in the loft when you are finished, I’ll make some lunch for you as well,” Jane saidKnocking on the door I went in and give a shout“I’m in here Tom”Following her voice I found her in her bedroom“I’m sorting some boxes out from the move, just some old stuff”The bed was covered in clothes, fancy dress stuff but very short, a nurses outfit, various maids outfit, school girl with a tartan skirt, a policewoman and so on, then there was sexy basques and suspender belts and stockings. My eyes nearly popping out from my head and my cock growing.“I’ve got the ladder ready for you”Breaking from the trance I was in, she lead me to the other room where the ladder was. I stood and balanced on the very top part of it to lift myself in to the loft. Jane had her hand on my leg steadying it and probably looking up my shorts at my boner. Putting the stuff in the loft I climbed back down balancing on the top part of the ladder, Jane with her hand on my leg again held me until I was on a step, her hand sliding up my leg as I came back down the steps, brushed the inside of my crotch and touching my cock, then I saw her smile.Jane made lunch, as I watched I noticed that her skirt looked shorter to a point it just covered her bum, she had lovely legs. Then there was an almighty crack of thunder making me break my trance.“Shit my washing, quick help me get it in” I helped Jane get her washing off the jenny spinner, all doubled pegged, I’d never seen or felt underwear like this before and it felt nice. Getting back in to the kitchen we were wet to a point that I could see through Jane’s top and bra. Seeing her big erect nipples sticking out and how dark her nipples were.Jane had the basket on the table putting the damp clothes onto a clothes airy, fiddling with each one in front of me, getting the straps straight and the panties folded flat before hanging them up, I could feel my cock growing, as Jane finished she felt my shirt that was wet“Off with that” she said“It will be ok, soon be dry” I saidJane put her hands on the bottom of the tee shirt, lifting it over my head. I stood there in her kitchen only in my shorts“myyy, you are fit”Placing my shirt next to her kickers on the airy“come on sit down lets eat”We sat down at the table, Jane saying how wet her skirt feels and stand back up again, undoing the button and zip and lets it fall to the floor. She is wearing some of them kickers I had just seen on the airy, frilly lace and see through.“My top wet as well” she declares and pulls it off her head.She sits back down and starts eating her sandwich, I cannot help but look at her bra it just covers the outside of her nipples. Two might big tits squeezing together and her darker nipples sticking out.“is you sandwich alright” Jane asks“Yes fine thank you”We ate our lunch with me not able to take my eyes off Jane’s breasts“Would you mind grabbing that towel and drying my back for me” she askedI stood over Jane rubbing her damp back, then she moved her bra straps down her arms for me to dry, gently rubbing her soft tanned skin my cock was growing and I had no tee shirt on to cover the tent I had growing in my shorts. “I didn’t realise I was this wet” she saidJane’s hands reached around her back undoing her bra letting the ends fall under her arms. Her back was naked, not one tan mark to be seen as I dried where her bra had been.“Thank you Tom”Jane turned in her seat“Have you seen tits before Tom”“No not real ones, just pictures in my mam’s catalogue”“Would you like me to show you mine”Jane lowered her arms letting her bra drop off the end of her tits then off her arms“Do you like them”“Yes”“Would you like to touch them ““Can I”Still holding the towel, I put my hand on them“Here let me”Jane took my hand letting the towel drop and squashed the palm of my hand on to her nipples and give a sigh“Are you alright Jane”“Yes Tom I’m fine”She moved my hand from one to the other letting me feel the weight of them and rubbed my hand around and around her nipples giving little sighs every so often. “Tom would you like to see my naked”I nodded to her and she stood up slipping her kickers off her waist, resting her bum on the table, she lifted a leg up pulling her kickers off her foot, then the other foot. Jane stood in front of my naked as the day she was born.Jane stretched her arm out touching my chest letting her hand fall to my tummy“My, Tom that look impressive”Looking down past her hand, my shorts did look like a tent, sticking straight out in front was my cock inside.Next, she was undoing my shorts, my cock pushing my boxers out through the pulled down zip. Jane sank on to her knees now slowly removing my boxers over my tent pole pulling them off my feet with my shorts.Jane stood back up without feeling my cock“Can I kiss you Tom”We kissed awkwardly at first, me never kissing anyone but my mother every night before going to bed. Jane held my head turning her face and forcing her tongue inside my mouth and I felt my cock touching Jane’ leg.“Let go somewhere more comfortable”Jane lead my to the bedroom and sat me down on the bed among all her clothe pushing me flat down on the bed, my cock sticking straight up in the air. Jane lay next to me resting on her elbow she kissed me again and her other hand had hold of my cock and I jumped.“Just relax Tom”I felt her hand on my balls, moving back up my shaft, then she kissed me again while rubbing my cock. Jane slipped down the bed looking at my cock playing with my cock end with her thumb, her thumb in the clef of my cock head.Her thumb became moist from my pre cum and she lowered her head over my cock, taking it into her mouth. I thought I was going to burst, only ever been wanked by myself, this felt different, a warm mouth sucking up and down and her tongue licking my cock end.I felt a pain building in my groin and I couldn’t do nothing about it, I could not speak just breath fast and gasp. Fuck, I was going to come and in Jane’s mouth as well. I let out a squeal as my cock exploded in her mouth, Jane didn’t flinch, she kept on suck my cock sucking and slurping my cum.Her pace slowed down on my still semi hard cock, still holding it she give the end a kiss and licked her lips. “That was a lot of cum Tom, was that you’re first”“Yes”Jane knelt in front of me, her big tits hanging down, all full and firm looking. Taking my hand she guided me on to her tits again“Would you like to suck them” Nodding, Jane lent over me dangling her tits in my face letting me suck on each nipple as she swung them about“Give me your hand Tom”She lead my hand up her leg to her pussy, feeling her soft pussy hairy and I felt her other hand around my cock again, as she give a little moan.“Would you like to make love”Another nod and Jane lifted her leg over my tummy resting her bush on top. Searching under all the clothes on the bed Jane found a silk purse“Better put one of these on”Jane pulled out a condom, lifting her self up and shimmied down my body and sat on my legs pulling at the packet. She looked such an expert sliding it over and down my cock, the first time my cock has been in a plastic bag.Jane lifted on her knees and held my cock, with her other hand she stretched her hair and lips apart of her pussy. Gently she lowered herself on to me, the tightness of her pussy lips nipping around my cock pulling the condom tight.I watched as my cock disappeared up Jane, sliding between her stretched fingers, her pussy hair getting closer to my crotch as she pulled her hand away. I was inside her, my cock in a pussy for the first time, I wanted to fuck her madly like every one talks about but she lifted off gently.Jane placed her hands on my chest, feeling her pushing on them as she started too slid up and down on my cock. Her body gyrated on my cock, rubbing her bush in to me when she was at the bottom and sometimes thrust her whole body in to me as well.Jane lifted one hand on to her bare tit, her hard nipple pocking out from between her fingers, gently squeezing and massaging it and lifting her tit up. Her eyes shut and gently moaning“Oh yes, yeees” she cried out Now she was sliding faster up and down, one tit still in her hand and the other bouncing“Yes, yes”Jane let out a cry and tensed up on my cock, her body frozen “I needed that”Opening her eyes she looked down at me“It’s ok Tom I just got carried away”Jane lowered her self to kiss me and started too slid on my cock again, dangling her tits in my face as she went back and forth. I could feel my cock sliding easier in to her now and her lips pulling and slipping on my cock.Jane sat up again placing my hands on her waist lifting off faster and faster“That’s it Tom lift me”Hands gripping her waist it felt like a giant wanking machine, working her up and down to make me come. We had a good rhythm going and her tits bounced around in circles. It was making me want to come and my breathing got heaver as did Jane’s again“That’s it Tom come in me, fuck me tom”We lifted off my cock faster and faster, my pain was back in my groin“I’m coming Jane” I shouted“I know Tom, pump it in to me, and fill me”My cock exploded, I felt it twitch inside her, I couldn’t lift her any more, she lifted once more before tensing on my cock again, and looking at me this time she smiled. Both panting we stopped still, them she nipped her fanny on my cock and laughed, then she nipped again.“That was good Tom”Jane lifted off slowly, my cock still standing up with a bubble of cum on my cock end“That’s the thing about young men, they never droop fast”She placed her fingers around my cock pulling the condom off,“You made me cum twice Tom, thank you”Jane lay down on the bed after brushing the clothes to the floor.“Would you like to see me dress up”I nodded again“I used to wear these to party’s with Nick and sort of wife swap, but after Nick’s promotion he can not risk any scandal with his job now”“What about us now”“Nick know about you, he interviewed four others gardener’s before you, two was to old, one was fat and one was a woman, he liked you and so did I”Jane kissed me again“I didn’t know you were a virgin, mind that was a bonus. You will still come here and do the garden; I could teach you things as well if you want”“I’ll still come”“Nick said you could come more if you were any good and I think you are, how’s two full days a week and we could spend some of the time together in the house”“That’s sounds good”“Now what outfit would you like, I think school girl as you have never fucked one before”Jane dressed in front of me pulling white hold-ups stockings up each leg then the short tartan skirt and white blouse tied under her bust. She pulled me up off the bed and sat me on the edge twirling around in front of me “What do you think”“Very nice”Her blouse full of her bare tits, just the roundness of them wanted me to feel them. Jane stood in front of me taking my hands on to her tits, the smoothness of the blouse as I ran my hands over them.Jane pulled my head in to her chest, jiggling her tits in my face and led my hand to the back of her leg. I’d never felt stocking before and they were nice, running my hand up and down them, feeling the lace pattern top before touching bare skin.“Pull the bow Tom”I pulled the bow that held the blouse together, her tits spilling out, Jane lifting one to my mouth pushing her hard nipple in. I licked and sucked while my hand felt the inside of her other leg, past the stocking top and now wedged in between her legs.Jane parted her legs letting me explore further, I touched her pussy, soft hair first then her lips all warm and moist. She pulled me harder on to her tit letting out a moan, nipping my hand between her legs.Pulling back from me she pulled her skirt up her waist and lay on the bed with her knees raised and legs wide apart. Her bush was parted as well showing two pink wet looking lips, my first look at a fanny.“Come here Tom”Gesturing with her hands I climbed between her legs“Touch me”Tenderly I touch her pussy feeling her lips all warm and moist“You can kiss me there as well”Lowering me head I felt the warmth raising and the sweet smell of her pussy, I kissed her lips, then again and again, she tasted nice on my lips, sweet like honey“That’s it Tom that’s nice”I kissed again sticking my tongue between her lips and Jane moaned, kissing again pushing my tongue further in she moaned again, I liked this and started to lick up and down her pussy feeling her insides on my tongue. Jane’s hand moved to the top of her pussy, splaying her fingers apart I could see her pink inside. “See that bit there lick and suck that”It looked like a bump and still with her fingers apart I licked it “Suck that bit Tom”Moving her fingers I had to fine it again, probing with my tongue I felt the lump and began to suck“Yes Tom yes”What ever it was, was making her buck and lift off the bed and her hand fell on top of my head, pulling me in to her pussy. Jane was getting excited making me wanted to suck harder, she was panting and moaning“That’s it, harder”All of a sudden a wetness came from inside making a loud sloppy noise as I sucked. Jane had a sudden gasp and shouted “FUCK”The pressure on my head relaxed and her bucking stopped“Kiss me”I climbed between her raised legs and kissed her mouth, her tongue forcing my lips apart darting in and out of my mouth. I felt Jane gasp again“Quick Tom the condom”My cock was inside her and I pulled off, Jane sat up grabbing her silk purse and had a condom on me in a flash. Pulling me back down we kissed and I felt her move under me, I felt her lips part and I pushed in.I pushed in fast with the excitement, fucking my first fanny by myself, clumsily I came straight back out rubbing up her pussy hair. Frantically stabbing my cock against Jane it would not go back in.“Let me help”Jane reached around the back of her leg, grabbing my cock and pointed it in the right direction. I was back inside“Just take your time”I started to get the hang of this, nice and steady, I could feel her lips sliding the length of my cock. I more I thought about it, the more I wanted to come, god I’m going to come, breathing faster I shouted “Jane”“Keep going “Listing to Jane I kept going then it happened, I felt it moving up my shaft, then relief as I started to fill the condom. Coming to a stop I smiled at Jane, breathing hard, I could feel my cock jump and twitch inside her, pulses working up it as my cum squirted out the end.We lay coupled together, both grinning like Cheshire cats “Does that feel good” Jane asked“Great”“Not a virgin anymore now Tom”I lifted off and Jane held my cock pulling the full condom off, kneeling between her legs was the first time I noticed her legs in stockings, where they ended and the soft looking leg top going to her pussy. I touched it with my fingers moving between the stocking and her bare leg, I lent down placing small kisses from her knee going up her leg, it felt so soft.Jane lay there on her elbows watching as I came up her other leg, planting a big kiss on her fanny lips“Thank you Tom, taking time like that means so much to a woman”We sat on the bed, my cock was soft now and Jane slid each stocking down her leg then her tartan mini skirt, she looked sexy in that.“Will you promise that no one will find out about this, you, me and Nick are the only ones that know, is that alright” said Jane“I understand”It was nearly four o clock when we left the bedroom going in to the kitchen naked and finding our clothes on the floor. Jane picked new knickers off the airy and bra, she looked hot in them as I got dressed.“Will I see you tomorrow” Jane asked“Yes I’ll come tomorrow”“Come and see me first before you start”I nodded as I watched Jane pull up her skirt over her panties then she came and cuddled me“Not a word mind if you want to keep doing this”“I won’t”Jane give a quick kiss before I left.The next morning I knocked on the door “Wow” was all I could say as the door opened, Jane stood in some see through nightie thing just covering her upper half and open up the front apart from a bow at the top and a little pair of knickers.“You’ve caught me in my nightie”Jane pulled me inside shutting the door and pushing my up against it, her hands pulling my tee shirt over my head, she kissed my chest as she sank on to her knees loosening my shorts. My cock stood proud as my boxers were removed“What a lovely cock you have”Jane bobbed back and forward taking every inch into her mouth, I watched her tits wobble about through the thin material, her nipples hard and pressing out. I reached down taking them in my hands, the size and fullness filling my hands.Jane pulled on the bow letting them fall out, pulling off my cock she squeezed her tits around my cock. My cock glistened as it popped out of her chest each time getting faster and faster. I was getting my first titty fuck of my life and Jane was bouncing about.“My nipples are so sensitive and get so hard when I feel cum splashing across my tits, sometimes it can make me cum” Jane said How could I not cum over her tits with Jane saying that, a thin jet shot out from my cock high up her chest and nearly to her neck. Still thrusting between then, a build up of cum squirted out in to her cleavage.She quickly slid her arm under her heaving tits taking the weight, while her other hand grabbed my cock smearing the cum over each hard nipple. With her nipples well and truly covered she milked my cock over the top of her tit, letting it slither its way back to her nipple. Jane, breathing heavy and panting looked like she had came herself as she sat on the floor and against a kitchen unit.“Oh Tom, what a cummer, I love the feel of warm fresh cum on my titty’s”Jane sat there rubbing my cum in to her nipples, and I could see a damp patch on her little kickers starting to form.“I think I better go for a bath, get a coffee if you want”“I’ll just get a start outside”It was ten when Jane appeared with the coffee, freshly bathed, she looked as sexy as always.“Thank you Tom for before, I hope you liked it as much as I did”“It was great Jane, I’ve never done that before”“I think there could be a lot of new thing we could be trying, if you want”I nodded to Jane and she smiled as she drank her coffee“Are you stopping all day Tom”“Yes”“I will have lunch ready for you”I knocked at the door at lunchtime“Come in” Jane shouted “Wow” was all I could say as I opened the door, Jane dressed like a maid at the table, the most striking thing was her breasts, the sheer bare size of them on show as she was bending down. Her outfit, low cut showing the fullness of them, tucked in to a small bra just covering her nipples.“What can I get you sir”Jane stood up straight, her dress so short her black lacy knickers were on show with black suspenders coming from inside them to black stockings“I could see too that, if you want”Jane pointing at my tent pole in my shorts, undid the button and zip while we kissed, her hand slid in the waist band of my boxers feeling the hardness of my cock. Her fingers wrapped around it, gently stroking and exploring it in my boxers. Jane started to sink on to her knees, sliding my shorts and boxers off in one to my feet. Unable to resist and with her hand around my cock, she feed it in to her mouth, slowly licking the tip, her tongue probing every bit of it.Looking down at her heaving bosom, I took one in each hand, feeling the size and weight of them. One popped out from her bra, it’s big hard nipple now between my fingers.Jane pushed her other tit out as she sucked on my cock, both now hanging out from the low cut neck of the maid’s outfit. My pre cum lubricating Jane’s sliding mouth was turning in to a froth on her lips and I began to moan.Jane stopped sucking my cock and stood up, her hand expertly slid her knickers down off her legs as she rose to her feet.“Lick me Tom”Leaning against the table that was set for lunch she parted her legs, sinking on to my knees I saw her bare leg spilling out from her black stockings. I’d never seen anything so sexy and I kissed and nibbled her soft bare leg, my nose twanging her suspenders as I licked my way on to her pussy.Her pussy warm and wet on my tongue as I entered her, Jane’s hands gripped the edge of the table, pushing her pussy further on to my tongue“Tom, fuck me before I come” I stood up and she grabbed my cock, pulling my in to her waiting pussy“What about” “Its ok Tom I’ve got my diaphragm in, I want to feel you come in me”Her pussy felt moist and I slipped in straight away, when she let go of my cock, her breathing all heavy and fast.“Fuck me fast and hard like a tart”Doing as she asked I started to thrust in to her with her legs coming around the back of mine and knotting together. I had my hands around her bum pulling myself in to her getting faster and faster, her tits wobbling wildly about.Her hands back gripping the table as I fucked her, making the plates dance about. Jane panting fast had me worked up“Yes Tom I’m coming”“I am as well” I shouted “Cum in me”Both panting fast I felt my cock let go, not wanting to stop I kept thrusting through her gasps, her legs gripping tight forcing me to stop eventually, feeling a warm wetness surround my cock and her fanny nipping my cock more then yesterday.Perspiration on our skin, we look at each other getting our breath back“Oh Tom, I felt that first squirt deep in me, then you filled me up”“will it be alright with no condom”“yes it’s fine Tom, I never let anyone near me without one, just Nick but with you being a virgin I can trust you, its nice to have a running sticky fanny full of cum sometimes”Jane still leaning against the table untied our legs and I pulled out of her slowly, watching my cum covered cock emerge from deep inside her pussy.Jane give a running commentary when I was out of her“Watch my fanny Tom, here it comes, nearly there, can you see it Tom”I watched her fanny lips all covered in juice as Jane made them contract and push, slowly pumping our cum out of her. A white creamy lump appeared hanging from her lips and getting longer and then splash on to the stone floor.Another lump appeared but ran down her leg on to her stocking as Jane stood up holding her arms out. She hugged tightly as we kissed, our tongues fighting with one and other.We sat down after sometime, Jane putting her tits back inside her dress and her knickers back on soaking her sopping fanny and I pulled my boxers and shorts back on“have some wine”We had lunch and it was back to work for me. Jane came out in to the garden later wearing a floaty summer dress to her sun lounger on the patio and watched me work,Undoing the buttons up the front slowly as she teased me, only two was left when she called“Would you like to rub sun lotion on me Tom”I walked across as her dress fell open, her beautiful naked body on show as the dress dropped to the ground, noticing for the first time that she didn’t have any tan marks on her body. The house set by its self was very private and the patio was very secluded from all angles and a good suntrap, only the farmer on his combine, standing on his seat would have a chance of seeing in.Jane lay face down on the cushioned wooden lounger and I started on her back, gently massaging the cream in to her skin, then on to her legs. Her legs already slightly apart moved more as my hand rubbed from her knee up. Then I saw her fanny lips sticking out, doing the inside of both legs my fingers touched them. Jane didn’t move and I rubbed over them again“that’s nice” she saidI rubbed again but this time kept my fingers on them, I could hear her moan. I pushed one finger in then two“oh Tom”Her fanny still sticky from before opened up letting my fingers explore and Jane lifted her bum in to the air. Her knees on the edge of the lounger and her head still on the cushion exposed her fanny fully.I lowered the end section of the lounger giving me more access, I could not resist licking her sopping fanny even knowing that I would be licking my own cum as well. Jane’s fanny lips tasted sweet and of coconut, off the sun lotion, my face as far pushed in to her as I could helping my tongue lick far inside.Jane bucked and wriggled about on my tongue, moaning and gasping“I want you to slam your meat in my sopping pussy and really work a sweat up”I’d never thought Jane could talk like this, rapidly sliding my shorts and boxers to my knees my extra hard looking cock pushed straight in, parting her juice lips all the way to the base of my cock,Jane give a loud gasp“hold my waist”I held her waist looking down watching my cock sliding in and out from between her tight bum cheeks, feeling the length of her fanny and how much me cock can come out.“Go on Tom slam your meat in my sopping pussy” Jane seemed wild and I started to slam my cock hard in to her“keep going Tom”This is the third time today and its taking longer to cum, twice yesterday and I had a wank in the bath at home last night. Sliding my cock harder and faster into her, willing my self to come made me sweat more and more. Our body’s clashing and sticking together.Jane let out a howl filling her fanny up to a wet sopping mess, I kept pounding away listening to her pant and gasp the hot sun beating down making me sweat hard.“Christ Tom I can feel you pumping your meat in my hole” The dirty talk eventually working, letting go I erupted deep inside her, like a volcano gushers of cum squirting in to her fanny. A loud wet squelching noise on my last thrusts came from her fanny, then blow back, her fanny exploded its might deposit back out.Stuck inside her, I held her firm against me, her fanny like a pulse on my cock, now deflating by the second. A thick sticky wetness leaking from between us she let out a might sigh.“I wouldn’t be surprised if you haven’t put a hole in my diaphragm, the way you squirted you cum up inside me, Tom”I pulled out letting Jane sit on the edge of the lounger, cum dribbling out of her on to the patio, taking my cock she kissed the cock end“Thank you Tom, since we moved here and with Nick‘s new job, he has been to stressed to do anything with me, now I‘ve got you, that’s if you still want to work here”“this is the best job ever”We sat on the lounger in the sun, now fully naked we rubbed sun lotion in to each other playing special attention to her big tits and Jane lotioned my balls and cock.I can not wait for next week to come around and see Jane again.The End