My slaves at a sub party ( i wish i was at one of

"Oh my mom." He drawled. I felt week at the knees. "Peter you're even more sexy and gorgeus than you are on peter the next chapter! Jordan you're mad. but then slags like you don't appriciate the good things in life do you?" Peter laughed. i loved his laugh. katie was screaming and mpphin through her gag. "So what brings you here pete? Don't think this'd be your scene or's it to humiliate sluttyMcslut over here?" Peter burst in to loud laughter. "You're a card k**.Yeah to humiliate my slut. Zac Efron and Vanessa hudgens are here as well."Oh this is gonna be a real cool night!" I grinned. "so i'd better get this lot in before they freeze but first," I blushed, "Could i have your autograph?"He took out a ppen and signed the picture of himself that i kept in my bag. I led them in waving goodbye to peter. I put my sluts in the sub rooms well most of them. i kept 10 out to show around. They were my finest slaves and sluts kept as babys and raised into this life as my slaves. I treated them well fed them madde sure they were clean. They were chained to the walls of their small rooms which had beds closets sinks a mini fridge and a toilet. See i'm a good mistress. I kept my eye on my subs who were free to the public. one woman called Grace was being fucked with a double ended dildo by one woman whilst another was making her lick her beautiful i happened to notice pussy. One of my male slaves (Ian) was being fucked up the arse having his dick sucked and being made to suck another mans dick by three men. Another slave Tammy was being fucked really hard up her pussy. A man was sucking her tits and another was making her suck his dick. I could see she was loving it by the noises she made. I smiled at her and i think she smiled back. My youngest slut wasn't having a good time as two men were fucking her and i rememberd that she was only fithteen and was still a virgin. I told the men this and they looked at her and apoligised. I said prhaps i should relive her of being a virgin so it was easier for them to fuck her. i relived her of her virginism and i heard her say thank you mistrees through the gag and smiled and patted her on the head like a dog and left. I heard her moaning in pleasure as soon as i left the room. I smiled i like it when sluts have fun. I went into the party and went up to a man. "Haven't i saw you somewhere before?" I asked. He was very young and hamdsome. "Probaly. I'm Chris fountain but i'm in corrie and i was in hollyoaks. This is Michelle Keegan." HE pointed to the gorgeous naked female next to him. I looked lustingly at her. I touched her pussy. Chris smiled at me and said she was a sub i could do ewhat i wanted with her. I like her tits and then rubbed my fingers in her pussy then made her suck them clean. Now you might wonder am i straight? I'm actually bio-sexual i think thats what it's called. The girl smiled at me "OMG!" I squealed. "You play Tina Mcintrye don't you?" I asked. She said "well you seem keen, Yeah i do. plat Tina.""I love you and your charecter! Was Greame Hawley as sweet as he looks?" I asked. "Yeah he's lovely. So where are-" She was cut off as Chris put a ballgag in her mouth. "You talke to much Keegan" He said spanking her arse. She sqeaked but she was defeintley enjoing it. I orderd a drink and gulped it down in a matter of seconds. I felt dizzy and went out side. I needed air and a ciggerate. I lit one and smiled. I could see Victoria Beckham chained to a pole from a collar around her neck. Whit woo! I thought and wolf whistled. She looked up and saw me approaching her. She shook her head as she saw that i hads a pair of chain cutters in my hands. I broke the bit of chain holding her to the post and walked her around the town. To my big van. I'd made it look trashed up. I smiled at victoria and said "Welcome to slut world posh spice."