My record

By age nine, I had befriended a neighbor whose father had a jackpot of skin mags in his attic. Penthouse, Hustler, High Society, probably other titles as well--from no later than the early eighties. The pictures and stories in those magazines were an eye-popping introduction to the world of sex!I ejaculated for the first time around the beginning of my seventh grade year, so age 12. I somehow managed to find a copy of the Jessica Hahn issue of Playboy just lying in the leaves along the side of the road on my walk home from the bus stop. (It was the very first time she appeared in the magazine and it contained her account of being sexually assaulted by Jim Bakker.) I traded my Playboy for a more hard-core mag that got taken away from another student by the shop teacher at my school. To make it up to me he gave me four Playboys from the late 60's. Before the internet, obtaining pornography used to really mean something. Most k**s did not have access.One of those consolation Playboys contained a pictorial of sexy belles from the "new south". One night, I was stroking my cock and pressing it against the images of those wanton wenches, like I had been doing for several weeks when the most pathetic smear of semen trickled from the tip of my dong and onto the spread-and-waiting hairy bush of a nightgown-clad brunette. In retrospect, it was my very first tribute, but I was not exactly sure what had happened and completely unprepared for the meager mess I made. Over the next few days--once I found a technique that worked for me--I was completely hooked on beating off. Tissue boxes around my house emptied quicker than ever.I did not have many opportunities to explore my sexuality and my general shyness and social ineptitude ensured that I did not capitalize on my few early chances. Sad but true, I did not lose my virginity until a few weeks into college. In just over a year, I had changed partners a few times and found a girl who was as close as I would get to "the one" for over a decade to come. She was lusty like few men ever are, practically a nymphomaniac. We had the most amazing three months of sex before I joined the service.Her pussy was downright indestructible. We usually fucked in my room at my parents' house or her dorm room at college. We originally used condoms, but after a few weeks, we just couldn't afford to keep buying them. The pull and pray method is not for the faint of heart. Anyway, here's my record:One night, from about 11pm to 7am, I blew ELEVEN loads with this girl! Usually, we knocked out about five or so nuts for me and a bunch for her in four or five hours and called it a night, but for whatever reason, I was in the zone. I remember three of them (maybe numbers 7, 8 and 9?) coming really quick in a row. Each time, I hurriedly pulled out of her and pressed my legs together against my cock as it twitched and spewed my hot seed all over the backs of my thighs. There was so much sweat, we didn't even notice the cum. We lit our cigarettes and waited for my cock to recharge and went back at it, over and over... until the sun came up. I love fucking at least as much as the next guy, but I was overjoyed to have an excuse to stop. My dick was starting to experience some serious chafing. Those last couple of times, we just did on principle. In the years since that amazing night, I have never come close to that record.