My Grandma 3

On the day we were suppose to leave I volenteered to pick up my grandmother and bring her to my parents place. Imagine that. I willingly volenteered. My parents thought that was strange. So on that day I was really horny for her. I had thought about her all night. We hadn't talked for almost a week since we had dinner together and had really great sex. And then sex in the morning before she kicked me out acting all embarrassed again. Anyway, I was so horny that I went over pretty early to pick her up and hoped to maybe seduce her again. When I got to her house I was disappointed when I saw Roger's car in the driveway. Roger being her boyfriend. I guess he wanted to spend time with her before she went away for a week. But then I got kind of excited thinking, maybe I could see him doing her again. So I parked my car a little down the street and let myself in quietly. I was right! I peeked into her bedroom, and there they were just like the first time I saw them. She was lying on the bed in her robe and Roger was on her humping away. He was really moving fast and grunting pretty loud. She had her eyes close and looked as if she was trying to concentrate. I was hard instantly. She looked amazingly hot. I couldn't help it I reached into my pants and held myself while watching. Suddenly Roger started to yelp he was cumming. My grandmother suddenly mumbled to him something like, "Wait Roger." But you could tell Roger couldnt. He started groaning and stopped moving. It would have been really hot if I hadn't noticed the disappointed look on my grandmothers face. I don't think she had gotten where she wanted to go.Roger rolled off her and I darted into the kitchen. It seemed like forever the house was quiet. I was dying. Finally Roger emerged from the bedroom saying goodbye to her and telling her to have a good time. Call him and what not. He then left. I waited a moment then snuck to the bedroom door. I looked in and she was lying on the bed naked still with her arm over her eyes. She was just lying there. God she just looked so hot. I was so horny I couldn't hold back. I quickly kicked off my shoes and pulled off my shorts and boxers. In my hurry I left my socks and shirt on. I must have looked so UNsexy. With my cock hard as a rock I slowly entered the bedroom.She didn't see me at first but when she did she was startled and her eyes were wide. My grandmother looked right at my cock and for like two whole seconds didn't say anything at first. Then she finally blurted, "Johnny no. Don't do it no." She started to scoot back a little as if trying to get away but I climbed on the bed and grabbed her legs. I spread them and saw her wet open Roger sperm filled pussy and started to shake. I pulled her back to me and scooted to her. She told me again no, stop it don't do it. But she didn't seem to really be fighting. While sitting up I held her left leg up and shoved myself in her. My grandmother gave the hottest nooooooo moan. God her pussy felt so good. She covered her face like she does and I started to thrust like mad. Her tits were bouncing like crazy as I was fucking her. I put her left leg on my shoulder and was really fucking her. I was so horny I wasn't thinking and started to ask her as I pounded her, "Do you love it grandma? Do you love being fucked by your grandson? Do you love him fucking you better than Roger."She wouldn't answer at first then I started to pinch and rub her clit and her hands left her face and she started to clutch her rob and the sheets tightly. I knew she was really enjoying it now because she started to arch her back. I asked her again and she told me "DOn't make me say it Johnny. Don't make me say it." I fucked her has hard and as fast as I could and she finally groaned, "Yesssssssss. Yessssss. I want to cum."I then asked her if she wanted to cum on her grandsons cock. She started to move her head back and forth quickly like she was saying no but she let loose a "Yessss. Johnny make me cummmmmm."I started to rub her clit as fast as I was fucking her. I just couldn't stop. It felt like forever and I still didn't want to stop. I was really sweating but just kept fucking and fingering her clit. Then she nearly screamed, "Noooooooo" and started shaking all over. She really started flopping around andI swear her pussy was convulsing on my cock. I couldn't take it and no more than a second or two later I literally yelled, "Grandma I love you" and I exploaded again and again. I swear she must have really loved the feel of it because she started to shake all over again. Once we were done we ly still and I began kissing her sexy leg on my shoulder. I just looked her over as I did. She was so beautiful. Her hands covered her face again as she breathed hard. Finally I took it out and lay down next to her. She looked at me for a moment with out a word. Then she sat up and slowly rose off the bed. Her knees buckled and I thought she was going to fall. She closed up her robe and she suddenly started going through her spiel again. Can you believe it? She started saying we shouldn't have done that. Its wrong for you to make me cum like that. We have to stop this. She then went to take a shower. Needless to say I was a little annoyed, and pissed. I dressed and waited for her. We didnt' really talk when she was done and I helped her grab her bags and put them in the car. We didn't really say anything to each other on the way to my parents