My first guy experience

After a while he asked if I had ever been rimmed i said no so he asked if he could rim me I said yeah that's sounds great so he bent me over the couch and start to lick my ass it felt great he sticking his tongue deep in my ass he began to jerk my cock felt great he was going for a while then asked if he could fuck me I was a little scared of how thick his cock was he went grabed some lube and lube us both up and slowly slid his cock in my tight ass after a min or so he got it all the way in and then he went for it and pounded me so hard his cock popped out and he slid it straight back in after a few while he asked where I wanted it I yelled I want to swallow it so he pulled out so I can suck his cock and he blew his load down my throat we be finessed he suck my cock till I blew down his throat and we kissed swapping our cum