Moms Mistake Part 2

Chapter 2 Upon returning home after thoroughly destroying mom's body and half ofher mind at the cabin, there was a new pecking order and she was at the bottom.This position made everyone, including her, very happy for a brief time.Unfortunately "living happily ever after" came to a halt within days. Honey andI fucked up a storm at my place. The first few days back couldn't have beenbetter as far as she and I were concerned. Tits however began to get on ournerves fast. You'd think that after what was done to her at the cabin Sharon would havebeen satisfied for a while, but not mom. She started to whine that I wasn'tgiving her any attention, once she dragged her beaten, bruised and burned bodyfrom the bed we'd dumped her on when we got back. She picked a real bad time tostart in; I had just begun to feed my stiff cock into that winking spot betweenHoney's bouncy buns and she was happily making it disappear inch by inch as Ipushed while she grunted and tried to relax that tough muscle surrounding herstarfish. Honey was more cool about mom's interruption than I was. She suggestedthat mom get down and start licking her pussy while I was reaming out herasshole. It worked out pretty well and Honey even got off before I flooded hercolon with a huge load. Later she told me the idea of having my mom beneath her,swamping out her cunt got her really hot. Still I had to show Tits that thingshad changed permanently. I made Tits stand with her hands on the top of her head and her legsspread wide. She hadn't bothered to put any clothes on when she barged in on us,so I had a good chance to see all the damage that had been inflicted on her. Itgot me hard to see those 36C tits all covered with every imaginable mark thatcould be made. They must have snuffed out a carton of cigarettes on those bigboobs and it showed. Her big nipples were two black scabs from all the burningthey'd taken plus having been crushed with pliers about a dozen times. Therewere so many whip marks on those swollen purple bags that you couldn't separateany of them, because they just overlapped one another. Sharons cunt was still swollen around the mouth from all the cigarette burnsand the whipping it had taken when they weren't seeing what big thing they couldforce up her cunt. I still remember not believing my eyes when her cuntswallowed nearly an entire wine bottle, bottom first. Then when they heated thebottle, the stench made me sick as she screamed and screamed until someonepunched Tits in the face to quiet her down. Tits had to start learning her place, and there was no time like thepresent. My knee caught her dead on, lifting her off her feet as it flattenedher swollen cunt and drove all the air from her lungs. She crumpled and rolledinto a fetal position as she tried to get some air. I took this opportunity tokick her in the ribs a couple of times. She flopped around in agony, but Iwasn't done with her yet. I reached down and grabbed a handful of hair andstarted beating her head against the floor. Lucky for mom there was carpet or Imight have fractured her skull. She started blubbering that I didn't love herand accused Honey of trying to steal me away from her. All that got her wasanother kick in the crotch as she lay flat on her back gasping and crying.Things got real quiet as soon as that kick parted her cunt lips. Sharon wasfinished complaining for the rest of the day. To make sure that she wouldn't be bothering us while we worked up asweat doing the nasty, I dragged her upstairs to her bedroom and with Honey'shelp we spread-eagled her on the bed and roped her wrists and ankles to thecorners. Honey used a pair of mom's panties to gag her, and I finished mattersby using some duct tape to keep the gag in place. We went back downstairs andgot back to doing what came naturally. By the time we came up for air it wasdark outside and Honey took off before her mother called the cops to find her. I looked in on mom to discover that she had wet the bed big time. Iguess the dumb cunt hadn't bothered to make a pit stop once she woke up. Insteadshe just wanted to bust my chops; well she could wallow in that piss bath untilmorning, I was too tired to screw with that mess right now. After something toeat, I crashed; it had been a very long day and I was beat. I awoke late and barely had time to dress, grab my books and head forthe school bus stop. On the way out, I untied one of mom's wrists from thebedpost and let her figure out how to get herself free.I had a vision in a dream about peeing on Moms toothbrush that torned me on i ent and grabbed her toothbrush and decided to go one better. I stuck it up my ass a few times then placed it back in her container. There, I thought Sharon will be a real Shit faced Fuck now after she brushes my shit on her teeth. The day dragged on andon, but at last came to an end. I met Honey outside of school and we walked backto my place so we could talk over what to do with my mom. By the time we got tomy place, a plan of sorts had been created. Mom had figured a way to get out of the rest of the ropes and waswaiting in the living room when we walked in. All she wore was a housecoat andas soon as she laid eyes on me, off it came to give me a view of what she had tooffer. "Let's fuck right here on the floor, I really need some cock bad, realbad son." I glanced over at Honey, who was trying to stiffle a grin, and sighed. Idebated about kicking mom in the cunt and giving her a good stomping for hertroubles, but decided that wasn't going to solve anything either, since she wasnot only a fuck pig, but a pain slut as well."Have you brushed ur teeth Tits?"Yes of course I have son. "Did you like the flavour of your brush today? " Yes Son I didnt notice anything unusual "Ok I will fuck u but first bring me ur toothbrush. Good its now shove it in my ass,mmmmmmmmm ya, deeper, ooooooooooooo far enuff. Now Sharon brush your teeth with it" Mom obeyed without hesitation. She was learning after all I made Mom put her hands behind her back and I slapped handcuffs on her and then bent her over the arm of the overstuffed chair by the fireplace so I could fuck her in the ass. I spit in my hand and used it to lubeup her asshole, which was still kind of loose after all the fucking Tits had had atthe cabin. Honey came over and jacked me to get my dick hard enough to do thedeed. When she added a yard of tongue that slithered around inside my mouth, Iwas ready to nail mom's asshole big time. It didn't take much to get mom off.After a few minutes of power fucking, giving her bunghole a good hammering, andyanking and squeezing as hard as I could on her sore nipples, she exploded into a big O. You talk about a pain slut and fuck pig, mom was the standard for the type. She was too happy to notice that I was guiding her to the kitchen whereI had prepared a special surprise for Sharon last nite.Honey tie up Moms tits with this rope really tight and as close to the base of her Tits as you can. I looped the rope around the pulley I had installed in the ceiling and Mom started freaking out again. Yes Mom I am going to hang you by your Tits just for an hour or so and if you complain I will increase the duration of your torture OK? "Ready Mom? Up we go." MMMMM Sharon looked so good with her swollenTits stretched as I hoisted and watched her struggle on her tip toes and enjoyed her moans of pain. "And now for our viewing pleasure Honey, I present SHARON WITH TITS OUT SUSPENDED" Honey applauded as I pulled on the winch and Sharons Tits stretched mercilessly as all her weight now hung suspended from the ceiling hook by just her Tits. Sharon screamed in pain from the final violent jerk on the rope that actually yanked her up into the air. "Mom Im going to ignore that one out burst but no more. In fact I want to hear you say..Thanks for hanging me by my Tits son ..its what I deserve"Honey and I made Sharon say that 5 times as we really enjoyed the show watching Moms Tits swell up even more and turn purple. We managed to get her settled and this time to keep her entertained, Honey found mom's vibrator, checked the batteries to make sure it worked and stuck it as far up her cunt as she could push it. I added a couple of pieces of duct tape to keep it in place. A minute or so later we headed back to the living roomleaving mom to enjoy her hanging out time and her pussy pal as it started her on the way to what would probably be dozens or so orgasms before the batteries ran out."Honey and I are going out for dinner now Mom, make sure you hang around. O sorry, you dont have a choice do you. Just hang out then Tits." Honey and I discussed our plan for mom in more detail over dinner.Since I was stuckin school as was Honey, we had to figure out some way to have mom taken care ofwhile we were away. Honey knew of a few perverts who hung around the schooltrying to get some teen pussy. She wondered if they'd be interested in havingsomeone a bit older who would do just about anything they wanted. Then Iremembered old man Watson a couple of blocks over who was a well known pussyhound. His collection of porn tapes was legend. Then there was that swingercouple that lived by Honey who were always trying to get her to come over andjoin the fun. Another potential source of customers were the types who hungaround the porn arcade downtown. The list of potential sponsors for mom wasgrowing by leaps and bounds as we talked it over. Naturally if any of thesefolks wanted to keep mom overnight or even for the entire weekend, that was finewith me. The next day Honey suggested that we get one of the smarter k**s in herclass to draw up some kind of a contract that those using Tits would have tosign. She laughed and snapped her fingers. "I got the perfect one for this deal.He's one of the nerds and he's always trying to get a look at my tits and asswhen he thinks I'm not looking. I wonder whether he might want a chance to fuckyour mom in exchange for doing some paperwork for us. Show him her web site" The answer was aresounding "yes"! Not only that, he had a bunch of nerd friends who would giveanything for the pleasure of having a real live cunt to fuck. In fact one of hisnerd buds was into sadomasochism and he and mom would be perfect for each other. Honey had another bright idea for a way to keep Tits occupied while weworked out all the details for donating her body to the local pervs. In theinterim we would invite some of our buddies like the ones that helped us out atthe cabin to keep mom busy after school and on weekends until we got ouroperation up and running. The absence rate at school shot up like crazy whenword got around that there was free pussy at my house starting a 8 in themorning and running until as late as 9 at night, provided they kept the noisedown and didn't park their cars anywhere near the house. By the time all was said and done, we had Tits booked solid for most ofthe day and every night we weren't using her for our own needs. As long as nomoney changed hands for mom's special services, everyone was in the clear,except mom who would have to sweat getting a variety of STDs and possibly herpesor worse still, HIV. Considering the kind of customers we had for mom's uniquefree services, I seriously doubted if she'd ever encounter anyone from those weselected that might be able to transmit the HIV thing to her. We had some problems getting people to sign up guaranteeing that theywere responsible for Tits's well being while she was in their custody."Well-being" was the operative word, and it led to many differentinterpretations, especially when people began to figure out that there was moreto mom than just a cunt and asshole that never got tired of being fucked. Onceher customers realized that mom liked it rough, real rough, things got a bitdicey for a time. So the agreement now included words such as no permanentdamage, internal injuries or broken bones. Now we were asking for large security deposits. In this way wehoped that no one would get carried away when they had Tits in their hot littlehands. We even went so far as to make recommendations about what mom enjoyedhaving done to her. We also instituted unannounced visits, or what we called"show and tell" trips. Things began to smooth out even better after that. It was truly amazing about how much mom, or Tits, as she was nownicknamed by her customers, could handle. It was rare when we weren't deliveringher to at least a half dozen people all with plenty of neat ideas about how tomake her wish she were dead, but never quite delivering on that promise. She wasput into some of the most stringent bondage I ever heard of and then they'dtorture her until she wasn't able to react despite their best efforts, whichwere considerable. Mom was sort of a cross between that watch that could take alicking and keep on ticking and the bunny that represented that battery company. I started requiring that mom's customers keep a detailed log describingexactly what they did to her, so we knew what to do in case of trouble once shegot back to us. Lots of times she'd be u*********s, sometimes for nearly a day,and once for almost three days. We really sweat that one out, especiallyconsidering the backlog of disgruntled customers this caused. Now I make it apoint to go over just what has been going on with Tits and compiling a bookdescribing the really interesting experiences mom had been having. In fact I'mconsidering having a book published which I'll probably sell to the k**s at schooland possibly even publish on the Internet. In fact I'd urge people to be on thelookout for my first effort, due out in less than a month, called "Hanging out with Mom ..The adventures of Sharon with Tits out" (To be continued)