Martina's Diary: 24th July, 2011

09:30 Attended mass at church. Prayed really hard. But temptation has come to the church because a nice man, new to the area, has started to attend (on his own). Last Sunday, as we knelt to pray, I let my skirt ride up my legs to try to gain his attention. I have been having fantasies about him ever since. Last week, at the barbeque, I imagined having sex with him in the church garden behind the grotto. It looked so quiet and private. A naughty friend has suggested that I should use my body to bring him to the Lord.....!11:00 Rang Ed because I was feeling sexy after seeing my new friend at church again. I also felt guilty about forgetting our date last night. And I knew Mum and Dad would be out till about 4.30 pm. The thought that I've got the house to myself always makes me feel horny. I've discovered that Ed is very forgiving with me - even though I think he knows I am seeing someone else - which makes me like him. There are no secrets in the village. But he doesn't seem at all jealous. I invited him for "dinner" and I think he knows me well enough now to realise that it was really an invitation to go up to my bedroom.12:30 Ed arrived early and I pretended that I still hadn't had a chance to change out of my Sunday clothes. The new priest won't allow us to wear shorts, but he doesn't seem to mind us wearing shortish skirts. And I know that Ed likes me in black pantyhose and skirt, looking quite formal, so that is how I decided I would look when I opened the door to him. I could tell from the look he gave me that he was pleased with how I looked. I hugged him and told him I was sorry about last night. 13:00 Of course, there was no dinner. We had "dinner" in bed. I closed the curtains and it seemed very romantic with the sounds of the street coming in thru the open window. Ed seems a lot more comfortable with me now, and is certainly a lot less shy in the bedroom. But as always with Ed, something didn't quite go the way I'd planned. The first part of our afternoon went really well, we got fully undressed and I sat on his naked chest and he gestured me to come forward and sit on his face. It was the first time he'd done anything like that and I felt flattered. I really liked the feel of his tongue running along me, and he was able to use his nose to tickle my private parts.13:30 I was extremely wet now and wanted him to give it me from the back "doggy style". And preferably for a long time. But just as he entered me, I felt his penis jerking and releasing its fluid inside me. I wanted it really hard and fast from the back now. I was desperate and tried to stroke his cock back to hardness. I eventually got satisfaction, but not of the kind I've had from Carlo. Friends have told me that I must be patient with him as he learns how to please a lady, but I am sometimes really frustated with him. 15:00 As so often happens these days, I found myself masturbating on my bed.On the advice of a friend, who thought I might fail my nursing exams, I bought myself a toy thru mail order, and so now whenever Mum and Dad are out, and I have suffered disappointment and need a little consolation, I pull it out from underneath my clothes cupboard and use it. Of all the "stuff" I have bought, this tiny thing brings me more pleasure than all the other.