Locker Room

"I hope not. I'm tired of playing that and it's way to cold outside." I said taking my shirt off. He comes closer to me and his body gently hits me against my naked stomach. "What?" I take a step back keeping my guard up because I don't know what is going to happen. I turn around and face the lockers hoping he would go away but instead he comes closer where his body in merging with mine. He wraps his arms around my waist and gives off a sigh in my ear. I place my hands on his arms and run them down to his hands that begins to unbuckle my pants. "What are you doing?" I moaned out while bitting my bottom lip. He kisses my neck and adds a little tongue swirl in it that gives me chills down my spine. "I just want you." He whispers. I could feel his penis grow up against my back side. My heart begins to race to the soft touch he plants on my body. The longer he held me the more I wanted him. "What if someone comes in?" I asked out of breath. "Don't worry...I have everything under control." He dropped my pants and rubbed my penis. I raised my arm above me and placed my hand on his face pushing it towards my lips so I can give him a light kiss. I kissed him and turned my body forward, gradually going down to his forbidden area. I pulled his shorts and boxers off and there it was. His forbidden fruit, the essence of his sex. I placed my mouth around his fruit and tasted the sweet flavor of it and I was loving it. "Yeah, baby take it in slow." The seduction and passion that was between us was so powerful. The way I was sucking, the way he started moving his hips back and forth, the way he was touching me was like we were one. "Get up." My heart was racing with emotions to the point I just wanted him inside of me. "Ugh, ease your way inside me...please?" I asked laying on the bench. He went over me and spit on his dick for lubrication. He slid it inside me and I screamed for more. He went pounding me hard and fast. I wanted more, I needed more. He came out of me and raised my left leg up and held it in his hand while he plowed inside me. He swirled his hips around while inside me. I grabbed his lower back and gave him a little claw with my nails. "Come sit on my dick." He said while getting out of me. he laid on his back and I followed by sitting on his dick. I slipped his forbidden fruit inside me and was going up and down. "Ugh, Daniel your ass feels so good. We both breathing heavy, sweating, both looking into each others eyes with so much lust. His body glistened with his sweat and shined like little burning Topaz. "You feel so good Dennis." My hands on his chest with my back arched driving my bottom up and down. "Shit you make me want to cum all up in that juicy ass of yours." "Go ahead. Shoot your juice all up in there." "Ugh...shit. Oh...god...keep going Daniel...faster....faster...ugh fuck." I felt his cum fly up in me. "Ugh..." He moaned. I got off of him and went down and stroked his dick starting down then up hitting the tip of his head where he would come a little more. Sucking the rest of him off he told me to come lye on top of him. I placed my head on his warm chest and just closed my eyes while he lay there...stroking my head. ~End~