Kristine's "rules"

I picked her up at her apartment the next night and off we went. We walked a large portion of the Mall and saw all of the monuments, then drove to the Jefferson Memorial and FDR memorial, then home. It was a lot of walking but when she invited me up to her apartment I didn't hesitate. Her place still had boxes but we settled on the couch and chatted. Hours went by and we talked about just about everything. Soon though I needed to go, I had to work the next day and it was very late. At this point Kristine sat up and said that she had something very important to tell me. Hmmmm, I thought, Ok. She said "I am a virgin, and I intend to stay a virgin until the day I am married.""Ok, I understand.""Are you disappointed?" "Well, right now, no, we went on one sight seeing tour, I like you a lot, and you are very attractive, but I am not simply just out looking for sex."She smiled and said, "Well, don't get me wrong, I like you too, and you are very sweet. But do not get me wrong, I will satisfy you.""Ummm, OK."With that she got on her knees in front of me and unzipped my jeans. She hauled out my cock which was semi-erect at this point, and it quickly went up to full erect with her touch. "I love giving hand-jobs, and you have a very nice dick""Thanks, you have a great touch."She smiled and worked my cock like a pro. Fast, slow, squeezing hard or barely touching she really changed things up and kept me guessing. I reached down and pulled off her sweat shirt and bra. She had nice firm B size tits, with long hard nipples. I played with them for a bit and she was starting to respond. She stood up and led me to the bedroom by my cock. She pushed me down on the bed. "Rule 1 - You may use you hands and mouth on my pussy, but not your cock, it can never touch me there.Rule 2 - I will suck and jerk your cock and on occasion we can have anal sex, but I will always initiate that.Rule 3 - You can not come in my mouth, you must warn me in timeRule 4 - You can not come on my pussy, everRule 5 - If you try to do any of these things one purpose I will never see you again, period. With all of that you still interested?""Baby you have my cock in your hand, what do you think?"She smiled and started sucking on me hard. She was working her hand and using her tongue on my dick and soon had me on the edge. I told her I was going to blow soon and she took her mouth off of me and slowed down her jerking. She teased me bad working me right to the edge of coming and then slowing down. When I finally came I blew a huge load all over myself and her chest. It was a very intense orgasm and I couldn't believe a handjob could be that good. She went and got a wash cloth and cleaned me up, and I returned the favor to her. I then laid her down and ate her shaved pussy until she came several times. "Just returning the favor."The next time we saw each other she initiated the anal sex. It was good, but she made me wear a condom and I really hate them so it wasn't as good as her handjob. Soon enough I found that she had a shitload more rules in her life and some of them seemed just plain psycho, so I ended the relationship. She insisted that it was because I couldn't fuck her pussy and I told her that was her issue, not mine. I can still see her jacking my dick, and whenever I am masturbating if I need to come quick I picture her jerking on me and soon I blow my load. Shame she had so many rules.