Heaven On Earth

We live in a small college town, and when the students go home for the holidays, the town loses half its population. The week leading up to the break was filled with parties as people try to sneak in one last drunken fling before weeks spent with non-fuckable family members. Amy and I saw each other at a lot of these parties this year, as for once, we were both single. She always lit up with a huge smile when she'd see me, and I started to really take notice of how hot she really was.Amy is a red head. My favorite. She stands at 5'9" when barefoot, and that jumps to about 6'2" in heels. Her legs and ass were built for heels. She's no Dolly, but her tits are perfectly formed 38 Cs, and they'll probably still be pointing upwards when she's sixty. Her mouth is wide, like Julia Roberts, and her voice is smoky, like a jazz clarinet being played by an angel. Her lips have always drawn my eyes, and they get puffy when she's drunk and I find it strangely arousing. I went from finding her sort of cute, to wondering what those lips felt and tasted like.As the last day before break arrived, Amy told me her family was going to their cabin in the mountains, but she wouldn't be going because she hates the cold. I said cool, cause I never go home for the holidays and I always get lonely. As she handed me my dry-cleaning, she looked me right in the eyes and said, "I can keep you company. If you like". My tongue froze and I just stared and smiled politely. She giggled and turned to answer the phone, leaning on the desk and giving me nice view of her round ass. She bent over even further and the top of a black thong peeked out from her skirt. I spun and almost ran out of the store before she could see how hard I had become.A couple of nights later and everyone had flown the coop. The town was dead quiet; most of the people left were retirees with no social lives to speak of. I was tired of the boredom and decided to invite Amy over to watch a movie, with nasty intentions in mind. I popped downstairs to the dry cleaners but she wasn't there. I had an idea she might be at a certain bar, but as I didn't have a lot of money for drinks, I decided to have a few at home first, to get some dutch courage going. I had a few tequilas and went for a shower. As I stood under the steaming water, Amy ass was on my mind. I stood with eyes closed and pictured sliding her skirt down to the floor and kneeling behind her as she stands. In my mind, I squeeze her ass cheeks and lower her panties as well. I slide a hand between her legs and feel her open them slightly for me. My thumb brushes her wetness as I pull my hand back and place the other on the small of her back. I push gently and she responds by bending over and widening her hips. I kiss her ass cheeks and reach under to rub her pussy. She is moaning, and as I stand in the shower imagining these things, my cock starts to get hard. Harder than its been in a long time. I reach down and stroke it as I imagine Amy bent over in front of me, and I picture myself pulling her cheeks gently apart and flicking her asshole with my tongue. She shudders and moans again, pushing back against my mouth. I dart my tongue in and out of her sweet ass and finger her clitoris till she is shuddering and coming on my hand. I start to reach orgasm as I rub my throbbing cock in the shower, and I stop suddenly, not wanting to waste even one bit of my nectar before the time was right. I turn the cold water tap on full, and wait for my erection to subside. I get dressed and head for the Blue Moon, a truckers bar. I know Amy likes it cause it's the only bar in town with a pool table and a honky tonk jukebox. I arrive to the sounds of people getting drunk, people fighting, and Garth Brooks blaring from the speakers. I walk in and for a second I thought she wasn't there. But the haze cleared and there she was. Leaning against the bar wearing a black skirt and tight, white top. Even from across the bar, I could see she wasn't wearing a bra. She looked amazing and I just stood there, watching her order a drink. She turned and our eyes met. There was that big, gorgeous smile, and my legs started carrying me to her. I couldn't have stopped if I wanted to, which I sure as hell didn't. As I got closer I saw for the first time how stunning she really is. Her hair was wild and her face was sweaty, and I'd never been more turned on by a woman than I was by Amy in that moment."Hi"! she practically yelled, though by that time I was only two feet away from here. I said "hi" back and she threw herself forwards and hugged me. She was clearly hammered and a group of creepy old married guys had begun to lurk around her, buying her drinks and egging her on as she danced to the rowdy music. She was enjoying herself; her hair flew, her eyes shone, and her tits, well, they had taken on a life of their own. Unfettered by a bra, they bounced and swung, nipples straining against her blouse, every movement a new sensation. I felt myself growing hard again as she met my eyes and smiled so disarmingly, I started to feel light headed. I decided that even though I had finished half a bottle of tequila at home, another drink was in order, so I ordered two; a beer for me and a gin and tonic for Amy. I carried the drinks over to her, but before I got half way, a man in a bomber jacket and blue jeans grabbed me by the arm and took me aside."I don't know who you are, but she's comin' home with ME tonight, pal". I laughed and shoved at him, but he had a good hold of me and used his momentum to throw me to the ground. The drinks went everywhere and people were laughing. The man in the bomber jacket stood over me."Go on home, little boy", he said. "I'll take care of your friend. Make sure she gets home safe." Amy came over, eyes full of concern. She helped me up and asked if I was okay, and I nodded. "k** can't handle his liquor", said Bomber Jacket. "Come over here and sit with the grown ups". He grabbed her arm and started to pull her away. She jerked free and told him to "fuck off", and he pushed her to the ground. I got up and tried to get between them, but before I could, he dumped his beer over Amy's top, and her breasts were easily visible through the sheer, white fabric. "That's what I'm talkin' about", said Bomber Jacket. Rage filled my head and without thinking I grabbed a pool cue and smashed him in the face with it. His mouth exploded with blood, and time stopped for a moment. His friends got up and I grabbed Amy and bolted for the door. I asked her if she was okay and she just nodded through tears. I could hear them chasing for a few blocks, but they gave up eventually and we arrived at the dry cleaners. We were both taking deep breaths, and Amy asked me why I had brought her here, and I told her I didn't know where she lived. She started laughing, and soon I was as well. She asked me if she could dry herself in my apartment, and of course I said yes. I unlocked the door and told her to sit while I got her a towel. When I came back she was looking out the window with her back to me. I d****d the towel over her shoulders and she looked back into my eyes. She threw her arms around me and kissed me with strength I didn't know she had. She unbuttoned her blouse and I took my t-shirt off. Her nipples were rock hard and I took her breasts in my hands as I kissed her again. She reached down and unzipped my pants, then took her skirt off. Her movements were rushed, urgent. She looked incredible in just her g-sting and I felt my cock leap into her hands as she reached into my boxer shorts. She let out a low moan and stroked me as we kissed. Her perfect tits pressed against my chest, and I reached down and squeezed her ass. She slowly kissed her way down my chest and stomach as she sank to her knees. My mind wouldn't allow me to believe what was happening, but it hit me with the force of a meteorite when she took me in her warm, wet mouth. I grew inside her mouth as she cupped my balls and sucked my dick like it had the antidote inside. Her lips dragged up and down my shaft as her tongue did somersaults on the tip of my cock. She took my balls in her mouth and stroked faster until I couldn't hold back an longer. I came with an uncontrolled shudder and covered her chest with my cum. She took my dick in her mouth again and cleaned the cum from it.She stood and pushed me back onto the couch, and I wondered if my penis would ever be the same again. I had never cum so hard in my life. She sat down beside me and we kissed while I played with her nipples. She lay back and spread her legs, her glistening pussy quivering and dripping. I lowered my head and kissed the inside of her thighs. She moaned softly and pushed her hips forward, begging me to take her clitoris between my lips. I teased the outer lips of her beautiful sex with my tongue, and she closed her eyes and moaned some more. I slid my tongue up to her clit and slid a finger inside of her. She thrust towards me and I pressed the skin at the top of her pussy until her clit popped out, and she involuntarily squeezed my head with her thighs. I sucked her clitoris between my lips and her low moans gave way to quiet whimpers. Her muscles tensed, and I knew she was close. By this time I was rock hard again, and I slid two more fingers inside of her. She still had her eyes closed and she didn't notice as I stood up. I stopped fingering her pussy and she opened her unfocused eyes just in time to watch as I slid my cock into her pulsating cunt. Her eyes flew wide met my own. She thrust her hips into mine and we found our rhythm. In and out my cock slid and I watched it disappear time and again, not quite realizing how I had gotten to this point. I pulled out and I swear she growled, but I pulled her up and turned her so her ass was pointed up towards me. I entered her from behind and she started to get even louder. I could hear my balls slapping up and hitting her pussy as I drove my cock into her from behind. Her pussy started to squeeze and spasm and her moaning had hit their crescendo. She was cumming. Hard. I could feel her juices flowing over my balls and thighs and she squeezed my cock so hard I thought I'd never get it back. I slowed my rhythm and pulled out. She turned and asked if I had finished. I hadn't. I sat down and she faced me. She lowered herself onto my dick, and slowly slid up and down. There was no urgency this time. We found a slow groove and she slid from the tip to the bottom with exquisite grace. She looked deep into my eyes as she fucked me, and I sat mesmerized by her. I massaged her breasts and she moaned as I sucked her nipples. She reached behind herself and started to rub my balls while she rode my shaft. She was still staring into my eyes as she picked up the pace, and I felt my tortured dick responding, straining inside her. She was dripping again and I could feel her pussy tighten. The rhythmic slapping of her ass on my thighs filled the world and all I could see and feel was her. She bounced higher and harder, her eyes never leaving mine.She stopped kneading my balls and put her hands on my shoulders. She lifted her ass and held her pussy above my dick, her juices dripping onto it, then drove down with so much force the pictures on my walls came down. Over and over she slammed her pussy down onto me and she bit down on my shoulder as she came again and again. I couldn't hold back and I shot stream after stream of hot cum into her burning pussy. I felt it dripping down as my cock continued to pulse and spurt inside her. We stayed like that and she held me as her breath slowed and her heartbeat returned to normal. Every now and then her pussy would squeeze involuntarily and I thought I would cum all over again. Amy stood up, took my hand and led me to the shower where she showed that as hot as she was before, it was nothing compared to when she was naked and wet, with a bottle of shampoo in one hand, and one of her amazing breasts in the other.