Grandpa's Lessons - Part Two

She headed into the kitchen where she foud her grandfather was already gone from the house but there was a list of chores for her to do. After a quick breakfast of cereal she headed out hoping perhaps if she finished the chores she could head into town. She had a bit of money left, though she was told she would wait till the fall for job. She was nearly done when she went to take some buckets into the old barn when her Grandfather appeared and she knew from the look he was giving her, it was not over.He walked over to her. "Get over there to the saw horse and lean over it now."She shook her head whimpering. "No."He ripped her shirt and bra off of her. "I told you that you would get a spanking, now get over there."Trying to cover herself with her hands she had walked over to the horse and was leaned over it so her ass was up in the air. Before she could react she found he hands being tied with rawhide to the horse, and after her shorts and undies were stripped off he tied her legs in place.He leaned down and kissed her neck. "You'll learn to be a good little girl quick, just like your dad did."She felt the leather of a whip run along her back. "Please, I'll do better. I was just scared."Listening to noe of her cries he demanded that she count the whips and if she missed a count they would go back to the start, a whip for every year she was alive. Howling in pain and bitig her lip through it Sara just barely managed to get out the last numbers.Before she could recover she felt his cock forcing its way in her crotch once again and he was soon pumping away but he was not quiet, telling her she would learn to use all her holes today. He climaxed inside of her cunt and she was soon to understand what he meant when she felt some grease smeered on her ass.She tried to struggle. "No. Not in there, please not in there."Her grandpa smacked her ass. "I guess you'll get another spanking tonight. Now shut up whore."If the pain last night had been bad she thought she would surely die from the pain as he forced his way into her and she did pass out eventually as he pumped inside of her over and over again, not minding she had passed out at all. when he was done though she woke p to a spray down from a hose and when untied she was handed her clothes and a grocery list.Her grandpa put a hand between her legs. "I am having friends for a poker game tonight."Sara hoped it would mean she would have a break. "I will go and get the things." Pulling her back in he kept a hand between her legs and whispered he would not forget about tonight either and she would still be in for a spanking till she learned her place.He pulled away. "By the way a few of my friends will be enjoying your services tonight as well."