Fully Dressed

I worked in this kitchen in Fl. and there was this waitress that would always brush her large tits and plump ass against me when ever she would pass me in the kitchen area. So we talked flirtatiously to one another for about two weeks.One night out back taking a break she comes out and we get into a heated conversation. She noticed I had a massive hard-on and she said "I wish I could ride that cock right now". I had on a pair of loose chef pants; she had on a pair of black tight cotton/polyester pants.I took her by the hand and gently pulled her towards me while I was sitting. As she was drawn in by my bedroom eyes and seductive touch, I ran my hands slowly up her hips and gripped her outer thighs. Gently pulling her mid section towards me I inhaled her sweet aroma. I rubbed my head between her inner thighs while running my head up and rotating my face to blow warm air across her camel toe. She quivered and gave a nervous moan as we were in plain site of any passers outback the restaurant.I grasped her hips and slowly turned her around, coupling her beautiful plump full ass. I ran my face up & down her crack while pausing on her lower back and flickering my tongue like a snake several times. She arched her back so much she almost hit me with the back of her head.I slowly pulled her down to sit on my lap as I run my hands up her back and massaging her shoulders. She turns her head and starts kissing me, telling me how hard I feel. I told her just wait your about to feel a lot more while I bite her neck. She rides all the way up stomach and slides down catching my cock with her camel toe. She has my rock hard cock bent all the way out pointing to my knees while sitting. She then rides me side-to-side, up-n-down and all round.I grab my cock through my chef pants while she hoovers over it. Lung my hips upward and pressed deeply into her soaking pants, panties and pussy. I started jacking my cock through my pants and hers, rubbing that soaking wet pussy.She gave out such a moan that I was so hard I couldn't close my eyes due to my cock taking any loose skin from my body. WOW...........I jacked harder she pressed her soppy wet pants against my cock harder. Shes moaning harder and louder. Her whole body was thrashing, I'm leaning back as far as I can so I can watch that ASS ride my full dressed cock. I grip my cock tighter and tighter. Slamming it into her while she returns with slamming me.She has a Mind Blowing Orgasm and I can feel a warm flow of cum soaking my pants, hand and cock. That just pushed me over and I have a Mind Blowing Orgasm right in line with her. WOW............We both sat there and said that was a first for both of us to have a mind blowing orgasm while we both were fully dressed at work taking a break outback. I kept a semi hard on the rest of the night. Luckily I was behind the line so you couldn't see, but at that point I deserved the bragging rights to strut my cock in sight of who ever wanted to see.