First Time With Ex Girl Friend

The next day i came over we chilled just like we did the other day. I laid on her bed and she laid on my chest.i kissed her on her forehead then down to her cheek then her neck then started to suck on it. she let out a passionate moan and started pulled my face to her it kissed me real hard. I started felling on her breast gently talking my time kind of scared nervous cause i was also a virgin. She started to fumble with my belt and unzipped my jeans and pulled my dick out to started jerking it felt so good never felt like this in my life. I started to take off her clothes unzipping her pants and she had the nicest brown panties seen almost like she was ready for this i took them off and start to lick her pussy it was so sweet the juices just pouring in my mouth. She was moaning louder and louder she pulled me up and kissed me harder than i ever been kissed before. i asked her if she was sure about this and she nodded her head. So i guided my cock into her but couldn't really find the hole so she helped me out (Hey i was a virgin and nervous so sue me). I started to move in and out faster and faster but soft enough not to hurt her. She moaned and moaned the feeling was great never felt that good in my life.I grabbed her shoulders went inside her a little deeper but still soft. It went on for 20 min or so she didn't try to much it was our first time so i was ok with it.I finally was about to cum so i pulled out and stopped but continued to kiss her.I looked at her deep in the eyes and told her that i loved her and she still said it back in for the first time in my life i was truly happy.but didn't have the ending i was hoping for we had many days like that but in the end it didn't work out to many problems but i will always love her, nobody can take her spot. Comment tell me how i did and if i should make more stories have a lot