Cyn's Seduction - Part Two

Most were tame, with the woman fucking one man and sucking the dick of the other. More had anal action and double penetration. Some even had a little BDSM, something that I really never had tried with her, but with Zach and those nameless women years ago. Just thinking of my hot little wife sitting by herself researching DP sex had my cock thumping behind my jeans. Imagining Zach laying her over his lap and spanking her waiting buttocks…I also found a book website. Ha the little minx had ordered erotica! Chuckling to myself I went upstairs and looked under the bed on her side where she kept books. Yep, there they were. I took out a few and saw some I recognized she already had. But in the back of them he found newer books that focused mainly on m/f/m action. Reading through I saw that she had dog-eared some pages that interested her. Far from being jealous, my cock twitched in anticipation. It was after I found all those indicators that I had decided to spice things up in order to get her ready for Zach’s visit.When he arrived it was with much fanfare. Cyndi ran up and threw her arms around him for a big hug. I saw Zach’s eyes close as he held her close. He was smelling her hair, I could tell. Again far from being jealous I knew that he had feelings for Cyndi. Before she could draw away I came up behind Cyndi and enfolded them both in my embrace. It put her right up against him again but this time so flush on his body she couldn’t avoid feeling Zach’s erection pressing through his jeans. I saw that her mouth was on his neck (by accident) and heard her deeply inhale the scent of his skin. I smiled and dared to look at my cousin. His eyes were wide in surprise at my actions and confused. Deciding to give them a break I pulled back, drawing Cyndi with me and tucked her under my arm.“Good to see you cousin. You’ve been missed.” I told him truthfully. We are best friends as well as cousins and enjoyed each other’s company.“Yes, so I can see. I missed you too.” he mostly aimed the remark at Cyndi, and I saw that she was blushing right down to her breasts. It was something Zach noticed too. When he realized he was staring at her chest his gaze went to mine but I only smiled at him benignly. Again he looked puzzled at my behavior but Cyndi cut in to take Zach to his room upstairs. He followed her and I waited downstairs. I knew he wouldn’t make a move on her since he didn’t know what was going on. I couldn’t wait to fill him in on my plans.Later that night after dinner Zach and I were relaxing out on the back deck with a couple of beers. It was late and dark but we sat in the silence companionably. Cyndi came out to tell us she was going to bed and to kiss me goodnight. I made sure to grab her as she was sliding by us so that when I pulled her to me for a kiss, her ass was almost right in Zach’s face. And she was wearing a skirt. I kissed her strong and deep so she didn’t realize what I was doing. When she pulled away I could see the promise of a good time later on her face. She straightened and turned to say goodnight to Zach and I saw exactly when she realized what I had done. I didn’t have to see that beautiful blush to know it was there.“What about Zach? Does he get a goodnight kiss as well?” I asked innocently.“O-of course.” Cyndi stammered but she knelt down to give Zach a kiss as well. It was dark but I could see Zach’s head turn and Cyndi’s lips land on the corner of his mouth. She froze for a moment then pulled back.“Goodnight Zach.” she almost whispered. I saw Zach’s hand come up to her cheek.“Thank you for letting me stay with you Cyndi.” his voice was deep.“Anytime Zach. You know that. We love you.” she told him simply. Then she smiled, not even the dark could turn down the wattage on my woman’s smile, and went into the house. I couldn’t wait to join her later.“Alright Ethan what the hell is going on?” Zach asked me and I was surprised he waited this long.“Just glad you’re here b*o.” I told him truthfully.“No, I mean with you pushing Cyn at me all night.” he tried again, his voice patient but demanding.“Oh you noticed that did you?” I asked with a chuckle.“I’m not complaining, she’s one sexy woman. But I thought she was off limits.”“She was - then. I’ve changed my mind.” I took a long pull of my beer and waited for Zach’s response.“And how does Cyn feel about this?” he asked very quietly. When I looked over I could see his dark head bowed and his expression distracted. I knew he wanted her so what was the problem?“I believe she’s open to the idea.”“You ‘believe’? You’re not sure?” he demanded. “I believe she’ll be more receptive to the idea very soon.” I amended. “I found threesome porn on her computer and I’ve been fucking her with her dildo and making her pretend it’s another man.” I told him simply.Zach had been tipping up his beer when I said this and he suddenly sputtered and the frothy liquid went all down his chest.“Jesus!” he shouted and I laughed at him. That’s how I knew he really, really wanted Cyn to be amenable to him.“What changed your mind?” he asked me and I really didn’t have an answer to his question. Finally I shrugged.“It’s time I guess. She wasn’t ready when we first met and I wasn’t ready to share her.”“Why now?” he demanded again and I heard something in his voice. As I looked at him I finally realized that when I had married Cyndi and cut him out of the equation it had hurt him. I hadn’t meant to and I felt really bad about it now. I wanted to make amends and bring him back into our life and especially into our bed.“She was a virgin Zach. She was innocent and pure and I didn’t want to scare her away.” I wanted him to understand why I did what I did. “You’re very…dark sometimes and I thought she might leave me if she thought I was forcing her to have sex with another man.” I shrugged again. “And yeah maybe I was jealous that she might choose you over me. So I kept her to myself.” Zach’s head turned to me swiftly and I heard him inhale sharply. I actually heard him swallow.“And now? I need to know why you’ve changed your mind Ethan.” his voice sounded…hollow. I didn’t know how to make this right. I’m a man very in touch with my emotions but I wasn’t a girl. “Because she needs it. I need it.” God let that be enough I prayed. It must have been because Zach finally nodded and I could feel him relax beside me. “Alright. What’s your plan?” he knew I had one, I always did. So I smiled. “Well for starters she had to get used to you being around her and your touch.” I explained how I was the only man to touch her intimately and he would have to use convenient excuses to be around her. “She’s by herself most of the time running the business from home. I’ll be running ‘errands’ this week for one of my projects so you’ll be alone with her. A lot. You’ll have plenty of opportunities to touch her, kiss her, whatever is needed to get her used to you.” I outlined what was allowed and what to do. “Are you sure you’re okay with all this?” I asked him, unsure of what his response would be. He took a deep breath and drained his beer. “I’ve been waiting for you to invite me as your third for a while now.” he admitted and I could tell it was hard for him to tell me. “I was patient and stayed away because it’s what you wanted.” “I’m sorry Zach.” I told him sincerely. “This is what I want. She does too we just have to convince her. What do you want cousin?” and when he answered me I knew everything would work out fine. “Her. Very badly.” I knew our plan was working by the way Cyndi was reacting. I actually caught them once when I came home a little earlier than I had planned. I creeped quietly around the house sensing I could catch Zach trying to seduce my wife if I was quiet. I saw the laundry door open and heard low voices. I watched from the corner of the hallway and saw Zach come up behind Cyndi and press her to the washing machine with his body. I had a perfect view as she gasped and tried to buck him off. Zach just pressed harder, his hips pinning her to the vibrating appliance. He was barely touching her otherwise, his hands were on either side of her body - blocking her way, not holding her down. She could have slid away at any time. God the sight had my cock throbbing. He was murmuring something in her ear and I couldn’t quite catch the words. But I saw Cyndi’s reaction. To my utter surprise I saw her head go back and her lips part as she had an orgasm. Her chest was heaving and her hands were clenched on the top of the machine. Zach’s hips had pressed her clit right on the corner and the vibration of the spin cycle had made my wife come. The realization almost had me coming in my pants right there. Zach was still whispering in her ear and I heard her cry out. He wasn’t touching her, not really and still she came apart at the seams. When her head bowed forward I knew she was done. I could hear Zach’s “Good girl.” clearly this time. Before either could see me I hightailed it out of there and back to the kitchen. I slammed the door and tromped around pretending I had just gotten home. Moments later Cyndi came flying into the kitchen and threw herself at me. “I’m so glad you’re home!” she whispered giving me a deep, wet kiss. Not surprisingly Zach came down moments later adjusting himself and smiling. I could see that he was aroused but unfulfilled. I gave him a wink then gave my attention to my wife. She was chatty and nervous but I didn’t let on that I knew why. Soon she made up an excuse to leave and went upstairs. I waited a moment before speaking. “Well?” I asked my eyebrow raised. “You saw?” “And almost came in my pants.” “Yeah, me too.” he admitted and gazed longingly up the stairs after Cyndi. “God that was so hot. I never expected her to come like that. So quickly or so hard. Damn I bet she’s soaking wet.” he murmured thoughtfully. “You didn’t find out?” I asked surprised. Nothing would have kept me from dipping my fingers into her pussy after that. “No she panicked when you came in like gangbusters.” “Well then maybe we’ll have to continue this later tonight.” I tried to keep the excitement out of my voice but I must have failed because Zach’s expression was dark and hungry. He only nodded and went outside to work off some of his frustration on the Camero we were rebuilding in the barn. I chuckled again and went upstairs to find Cyndi. She was in our bedroom, sitting on the bed looking dazed. When I came in she looked up at me and I could still see the pleasure glazing her eyes. It made my erection rock hard again and it pulsed with my heartbeat. “Ethan.” she began, her voice low and shaking. “I have to tell you something.” by the way she said it you’d think I was going to put her in front of a firing squad. I could have helped with her embarrassment by just letting her know I already knew but part of educating her for our pleasure was making Cyndi say out loud what she wanted. So I let her “confess” to me. “Alright. Go ahead.” I tried for nonchalant but my voice was shaking too, but with excitement. Her eyes went wide and I think she thought I was mad. I crossed my arms and leaned against the wall across from her and waited. She sat there for a moment thinking and then hesitantly started. “Zach’s been coming on to me.” she confessed and she couldn’t look me in the eye. It was better that way because I knew mine gleamed with rising lust at her words. I waited impatiently for her to continue. “Today he…he caught me in the laundry room and…” she broke off and worried her lip with her teeth. I loved when she did that. It always made me want to nibble on them myself. “And?” I prompted and my voice was husky with desire. “And he gave me an orgasm.” she whispered distraught. “I didn’t mean to but his body was pushing mine right up against the washer and I couldn’t help it.” “Are you’re upset that you had an orgasm or upset that it was Zach that made you do it?” I asked softly. Please, please tell me you liked it. “I don’t know.” she confessed and I figured it was a start. “I guess I’m upset because I feel like I’m betraying you.” Now that threw me. It could only mean one thing. “Because you want Zach.” I filled in and again I couldn’t hide the desire in my voice. Cyndi nodded miserably. “I think so. I feel so bad about it.” “Don’t Cyn.” and she finally looked up at me. I didn’t move to console her but I had to let her know that I was okay for her to be feeling this way. “Do I look upset about it to you?” “No you look…aroused.” she was still whispering and it made the moment so intimate. “Then you can tell from this,” I gestured to my erection, bringing her attention to it. “that I’m not upset Zach gave you an orgasm. Or that he’s been coming on to you. You have to know that I like it and I’m okay with it right?” I asked desperate to have her understand. She nodded again, her eyes still on my hard-on. God that was so sexy, like she was mesmerized by it. “I just don’t know if I’m ready yet.” she stood and knelt before me and my breath hitched in my chest. Slowly, achingly she reached up and started to release my belt. I was holding my breath. I had barely touched her myself this week and it had been hell. I was trying to build the fire in my little wife with all the foreplay of Zach stalking her through the house. Apparently it had worked too well if she had gone off so quickly on the washer. Her eyes on mine she released the button and zipper and pulled out my cock. I held in my moan. I needed this, I needed her. I loved when my wife gave me head. In the beginning what she lacked in talent she made up for with enthusiasm. Now she truly loved to suck me off. And I loved feeling the hot wetness of her lips and tongue. A bead of pre-cum welled up in anticipation and she licked her lips. Leaning forward she flattened her tongue on my to lap it up and I let loose the groan I had been holding. Couldn’t help it as she grabbed me with one soft little hand to hold my bobbing dick still. Slowly, she put her mouth on me and started to suck me in. I hissed when her teeth clenched on the base briefly and then let go. Damn that was good. Another move like that and I would shoot in her mouth almost immediately. Sensing that she backed off and instead sucked me in and out of her mouth the way I liked it. Slow and as deep as she could take me. Cyndi was really into it too, we both were so when Zach’s voice came from the doorway it startled us both. “That is the sexiest thing I’ve ever seen cousin.” his tone was strained and it was clear he had been watching from the beginning. Cyndi stopped with a little sound in her throat. She started to pull away but I quickly got a handful of hair and held her on me. Her eyes went to mine questioningly. “Don’t stop.” I said quietly but it was clearly an order. I saw her nostrils flare and I felt her lips tremble and I thought she was going to deny me. But then she closed her eyes and continued. I sighed and it was all I could do to hold onto my control. I nodded to Zach and he came into the room. Cyndi must have sensed him but she bravely kept sucking my cock. I still had that handful of hair so she had no choice. Zach knelt behind Cyn and when he touched her back she flinched and gave a little sound of distress. “Shhhh. I’m not going to hurt you.” Zach told her, his voice soothing. I saw Cyndi start to shake but from fear or from desire I couldn’t tell. She could say no at anytime so I wasn’t too worried. All I could concentrate on was the feel of her hot mouth moving slowly on my cock. “Do you like sucking his cock honey? Nod if you do.” he told her. I was so glad he was taking over because I couldn’t make my mouth make any sounds. Cyndi nodded and I started to breathe easier. Well not that much easier. “Keep sucking on him. Take him deeper into your throat.” he commanded. Cyn tried to do as he said and immediately back off it was so deep. Zach’s hand came up and dislodged mine from her hair. He pushed her forward again and held her there. “You can do it, just breathe through your nose.” and damn if she didn’t do it. My eyes were rolling back in my head to keep from coming right there. I heard Cyndi keen through a haze of lust and looked down to see Zach’s other hand had pulled up her shirt and he was tweeking her nipples. I saw his cock was out and lying on her back. He wouldn’t fuck her yet so I wasn’t worried but I knew his legendary control was about to break. “That’s it. Take him deeper. Do you think I could make her come like this Ethan? With my words and pinching her nipples?” he asked and even though it was probably rhetorical I answered. “Yeah. She’s primed. That’s so fucking good.” and I couldn’t talk anymore. Really. My spit had dried up even as Cyn’s was coating my cock. “I think you’re right. Suck him good baby and I’ll pinch your pretty little nipples hard to make you come.” Zach was telling her. Again Cyn whimpered and I knew she was close. Well hell so was I! Zach was moving his cock on her back slowly so as not to scare her. “Suck his cock in deeper Cyndi. Hold it at the back of your throat and rake your teeth over the base and he’ll explode in your mouth.” she did and he was right. With a shout I started to cum and I automatically started to pull out as was our custom but my back was against the wall and Zach was holding Cyndi’s head still. She jerked at the unfamiliar feel of cum coating her throat. “No, be a good girl and swallow.” he told her. Then I saw his hand pinch one of Cyndi’s nipples hard between his thumb an forefinger. He exerted slow, even pressure and I watched as Cyndi’s eyes widened and her orgasm washed over her. Zach thrusted suddenly against her back and he gave a little groan as he came all over her back. He finally allowed Cyndi to pull away and my cock came out of her mouth with a little pop. She was breathing heavy and so were we. Then she suddenly stood and her legs were shaking so much she stumbled. I moved to help her but she was already past me into the bathroom and slamming the door. I sighed and ran my hands through my hair. Was she angry? Confused? I couldn’t tell. What I did know was that she needed to be alone for a few moments so I zipped myself up (damn my hands were shaking!) and looked down at Zach. He was already fastened up and looking bemused. I knew the feeling. “That was…” he broke off and shook his head. “I know.” was all I could give him. “Let’s go downstairs and give her a few minutes.” my legs were shaking too so I took it slow. In the kitchen we stared at each other across the butcher block table. Finally Zach broke the silence. “Are you sure she’s going to be okay with all this? She was really spooked in the end.” “Yeah she was but she did what you told her to up until that point.” I pointed out. “It just went against the ‘good girl’ instinct she has. Once she gets past her initial fears she usually gets really into the sex.” I explained. Zach nodded knowing that I knew my wife better than he did. “Was that the first time she ever swallowed?” he asked then. I nodded yes. Zach sighed and ran his hands over his face. “She has all the makings of a perfect sub.” he murmured, so low I almost did hear him. A thrill went through me. He was right but I needed him to see it for himself. And Cyndi did too, not that she understood that yet. I waited. “It’s been hell trying to not scare her away. To keep my hands off her or from just touching her pussy. I can tell she’s wet all the time now and it’s making me crazy.” he admitted and there was a slight tremor to his hands. I saw that he needed her and we would have to make it soon. I would give her tonight to think but tomorrow… “Tomorrow.” was all I said and Zach agreed.