A Friend's F--k

Any way the bouncers thought that we had too much to drink and asked us to leave peacefully, or forcefully, our choice. So Larry and I left to find more futile ground. We made our way to the liquor store just before they closed and we each bought a fifth of "yak". One would have been enough but, who cares we, were having fun. Larry suggested that we crash at his house and get afresh start later. We arrived at his house and entered. we sat at the table drinking and telling tall stories about the good old days. We came up with the ideal of reliving one of our living room camp outs we had when we in elementary school. Larry provided the blankets, comforts, sheets, and pillows. We made our little tents and found a cheesy scary movie on the tube. Soon we grew tired and switched to wrestling, laughing and drunker than cootie brown we rolled around on the floor till we were tuckered out and soon we were snoring in peaceful sleep. Sometime later I started to stir from an uncomfortable feeling, I was half sleep when I looked down to see my legs in the air and Larry licking passionately at my butt hole. Damn it felt too god for me to stop him, beside I don't think I could even if I wanted to. I had drunk more than he, and was much, more drunker than he. I started to moan from passion, when Larry reached up and started to stroke my penis. He raised his head and slowly began to suck on my testicles first one than the other. I've always head tender testicles and it was some what uncomfortable for me when he did this. I groaned trying to push his head away. Larry roughly pushed my hands aside and reach up to my nipples and began to twist both of them fiercely. Just as I tried to lower my legs Larry stopped sucking my testicles and sucked my penis into his mouth. My head started to swim and I thought that the whole room had turned upside down. I tried to reach for his head only to have him grab my wrist and hold them to my sides. I tried to squirm away and couldn't get no where. Larry raised his self up with my legs on his shoulder, he pushed then back towards my head as he moved up my naked body. Suddenly it became clear to me what he intended to do when his penile head poked my now up turned butt. Before I could protest, Larry had sunk the head of his man hood into my bottom, I let out a yelp as he forced half his penis into wet bottom. My eyes opened to see Larry began to pump the rest of his man hood deep into my rectum. Larry began to piston in and out of me with great urgency and abandonment, I started to protest when suddenly Larry stuck some poppers under my nose. I suddenly became extreme horny and began to try and bounce back to him. Larry lowered his upper body down to mine, wrapping me tightly in his arms and began to slowly pull his penis mostly out and lunge deep down in to me. I could not help but moan and groan as he continued this action with expertise. Larry's penis was long and slender with a extended head, that he would pull out past the head ring of his penis and still have half of it in my bottom. About thirty minutes later Larry stuck the poppers under my nose again, I took a long snort of what was offered. Again I became so horny that I could not help my self. I reached up and took hold of his shoulders and worked my bottom to him as best as possible. Larry went wild and began to hump with such force that I could not help but squeal each time he hit the back of walls of my rectum. tears of joy flowed down my cheeks, I was begging him not to stop and to 'f--k me like a bitch. It seemed liked hours that Larry pummeled into my rectum, like a little bitch I squirmed with pleasure and clawed at his back and sucked his neck and ear lobes trying to get more and more of him in my greedy little anus. Larry began to pump faster and faster till he shot a great load of man juice deep in my bowels. we laid there as his penis squirted and pumped all his load in to me. When he had finished he pulled out of me and turned me over on my stomach. Lifting my waist he entered me and began to slowly screw his man hood in to my rectum. Larry lowered his chest to my back placed some more poppers under my nose, I went wild bulking back to him as he plowed his penis in and out of my anus. After about two or three hours, I could not hold back any longer and started to shoot load after load of man juice on to the blanket below us. Larry held me tightly and shot his load into me. We laid there on the floor, with Larry on top of me, I on my stomach and Larry's soften penis deep in my butt.