The Coach's Tradition Part 4! Part A!


-------------------------------------------------------------------------After the long night that Coach, James and I had, we all took a long hot shower, and James washed us all up and down. A few day

Cheating in OUR own bed with b/f's best mate.


He came round one night and we were drinking and he was on x-box with my b.f and we were just chilling out. Paul went to get the food on and Matt sat on the sofa with me, we looked at each other and k

Found (MF, cons, inc, rom)


by SpectreOfHellAntonia excused herself from the reception hall after the Maid of Honor had made her toast. She just couldn't take it anymore. It wasn't that she was not happy for her little sister,

+A Vampires Males Possession +

Big Ass

It wasn't always like this. Caleb had been the mate for a master vampire. The master of London if you want to be more technical, however he had always felt out of place in London. Lucien had tried to

From Friend to Friend 2

Big Tits

I jumped at him with my legs around him, kissing him as he laid me down on his bed. I moaned softly begging him to fuck me hard, to penetrate me deep. But he had other plans.I watched as he got down a

Kelly gooes to college!


Wheni was eighteen i went off to college, no more sexy playtime with my best friend B (or nicole, which is what i will refere to her as) no more sleeping in panties and a babydoll or short slip, or an

Always hard: the beginning / Chapter 10

Big Ass

Rosemary had just cum violently and was leaning back against Vic. "God, that was so fucking good!" she told him while shimmying her ass in his lap, his cock still enjoying the feel of her wet and loo

Daddy's Girl pt.2

Old & Young

"Sure sweetheart...What is it?""Does this mean I am your girlfriend?""You are most certainly my girlfriend, and so much more. You are my shining star, my guiding light, my sweet American pie. I love y

Drive by luck.


I sat in my car watching her for about 20 minutes. Your probably saying to yourself who waters plants for 20 minutes? She did. Something was a little off about this womans obsessive behaviour. So

Swingign with Anna


Anna had found a hotel that catered for swingers new and experienced. I was shocked at first as she had been reading up on these hotels for a few weeks before telling me.When we looked into it togethe

The Hook


Home for the Christmas holidays. I was eager to show off the new skills I had learned but Mom never joined me at the piano except to stand behind me while I played. My hopes for a replay of summer's e

The Goddaughter Part One


Emily had spoken! That's that. Period. No more arguments. All Terry and I could really do was,agree. In every aspect of our relationship,I am the boss but,Em won that round. So,Em,Terry and I settled

My wife's best friend


They lived with us for a little while between houses. She seemed a little too attentive too and in tune with me and my likes. My music was her favorite, my shows were all her favorites. I never tho

transvestite in trouble part 5 - "ride a cock

Beach Sex

the room was decked out like a c***ds play room, on a rug in the centre of the room was a large rocking horse unlike any i'd ever seen. protruding up from the saddle was a 10" cock shaped dildo, and p

drunk Sex on the Beach -- Part 2 of 2


"Unbelievable," one voice said, a male."Fucking gorgeous isn't she?" whispered another. "Never thought I'd see her like this.""Have a look at all the crusty bits on her leg, that's come straight out h

An unexpected convience


Something about how "wrong" something is just gets me hard.So thats why I whenever I read stories on here, I read i****t stories. Mostly just brother/sister ones but, every once in a while a mom/son o

See Deshawn and Jane


Before Jane could finish her complaints, she heard a loud knock at the door. Jane hurried to answer and caught her breath in surprise when she saw him standing there. It must have been the handyman bu

Husband Charged with Thief of Vibrator

Girl Masturbating

I could hear my husband driving down the block, I hurried to meet him at the door. I was wearing a cute little police uniform with no panties. My long blonde hair was tied up in a bun. My top was tigh

I Just Had to Know PART 1


I did not want to waste my hard on by jacking my dick so I dried off and went to my wife and tried to fuck her. She was still pissed off for no particular reason and just wanted to argue. I tuned her

wow, family vaction ,part 2 - first nite follow-up


Pasha said, Tammy you may as well enjoy yourself we just did on the deck.Tammy said, really wasn't Ted and Allen with you out there?Yes, and you should have seen them squirt loads of sperm on to the

The New Swimming Pool


Karla was an attractive woman just about 11 years older than both of us. She could be very demanding at times and we found that most of the time ended up being almost all of the time. Karla stood 5 fe

Abused as a tranny at a sex party with my mum

Old & Young

I decided to go to the party and be the tranny slut they were looking for. After all, it's nice to be wanted and I really would do anything to keep those photos of me dressed in my mum's stockings, pr

Our weekend of Debauchery - Chapter 1


St Pancras 9:30amAs we entered the ticket hall at St Pancras the whole place was buzzing. We were just starting our long weekend to Paris, to be more precise to Montmarte and a visit to the Chateau de

Tim, the Teenage

Girl Masturbating

Note: ——I am NOT the author! There are several authors actually, I’m not so certain that any one of them is the creator, but I know it’s not me. I am simply sharing this lovely story with all of you b

She taught more than Math.


When she showed up at my door, I was stunned. Becky was beautiful, a tall Redhead with green eye that were hypnotizing, her large breasts really filled out her school sweatshirt. I was at least a litt

She's Perfect In Every Way !!!


I was walking in a Mall recently when this Very mysterious, extremely sexy Young lady walked past me, and brushed up against me She Had the darkest Black Hair straight and long it was beautiful and v