Exposed and groped in a Bus...


One day after finishing my College I caught the bus and the bus was very much crowded. I got myself surrounded by a strong crowd of young and old and some of them were also women.As the Bus was going,

friends with benefits

Beach Sex

sure...thanks...we sit on couch as we drink...i had paused the you watchin?....ohh...uhh...a bit embarassed...umm...well...grins...sonce I was all alone ...and just chillin....I stuck

Daughter moves back home..


All is going wonderfully, our daughter is in her old room, and we are all getting along very nicely. Our daughter (Cassy) is a little upset occasionally, but is coping much better since coming home.I

My First Bi Threesome Part 2

Hot Gay

‘Take them of darling’ said his wife, gently instructing her husband to remove his bulging briefs.As he did so the wife bent ever so slightly forward and began licking the crown of my cock. She was sa

Wife used


A guy at the bar invited us to private party where he said there was a large pool table and a lot of dancing. I told her, she said she wanted to go, so we decided to leave after getting the address. T

Lust on a Train - Part II

Hairy Pussy

‘Give them to me’ she said, and I passed them across the table into her hands. She held them to her nose and inhaled deeply as she watched me carefully. ‘You have a beautiful perfume’ she said; ‘I exp

Alicia Saves Her Moms Job


After I heard the click on the other end I hung up the phone and just sat there for a minute thinking. When I accepted my current position I understood that there might be times like this that I would

week that changed my life


A Week With My sister It was the summer after I graduated high school and was preparing to go to college in the fall. In the middle of July, my parents decided to go to Las Vegas for a week as a sort

me and BBW Chloe


I met Chloe on craigslist, my one and only meet online so far... She was a tasty BBW, 27 years old, with curves in all the right places and soft sexy lips.... After a few emails our chat became steamy

Locked Up........


The guards were all mean looking bodybuilder types. Angry at the world and hating the inmates they dealt with. I was put in a cell with a Black k** about 6' 200 lbs. He was standing against the wall

Slut School pt. 2


Part 2 of Slut School.---------------------------------------------------------------------------Mandy leads Sarah into the basement, it all looks like a profesional S&M dungeon, complete with everyth

Courtney and Michael

Big Tits

"Oh Michael, you're company's holiday party is always so boring! Do we really have to go?""You know Courtney that I am expected to be there. I AM the Senior Vice President, after all."Michael wore h

family affairs part 3


The story is not real it is a story of mine for a porno. enjoy.ChloerachelnadineGary (dad of chloe)peter (dad of rachel)steven (dad of nadinemelissa (mother of chloe)daniel (mother of rachel)jade (mot

Moms Mistake Part 2


Chapter 2 Upon returning home after thoroughly destroying mom's body and half ofher mind at the cabin, there was a new pecking order and she was at the bottom.This position made everyone, including he

The girl in class


Ive fantasized about her almost every day. thinking about her smooth pale skin, her plump little ass. Her thin waste line. Oh Courtney you sexy sexy day at the gym i noticed her there. ive co

Busty Adventures of Brittany Ch. 09.1

Old & Young

He quickly got out of bed and heard the stranger’s footsteps going across the hall to where Brittany’s room is. Jeff slightly opens his door and sees that Brittany’s door closes and the lights come on

Sex had been an important part of our relationship


She must have sensed my uneasiness as the very next day she asked me to get something off the top shelf of the walk in closet. We had company in the next room and I didn't suspect a thing. Once insid

Neighbour forced sex


Tammy would sometimes lie out in their back yard and sun herself in her bikini. From our back bedroom of our house, I had a pretty good view of their yard. Although she never sunned herself naked, she

The piss Orgy


About two weeks ago, Palaash came to my office late in the evening for some work. I was alone and was browsing some porn sites after finishing work. One of them was on pissing games, you know, golden

Chat girl made us horny


Emmi rub her pussy. I get close to her and touch her shoulders. Emmi was little surprised but she didn't stop rubbing itself. My Girlfriend turned her head and give long french kiss. I started to remo

Diva: The Girl who tried to break Ben's Dick


Diva was a woman who worked as a temp secretary in my company about a year ago. Everyone called her Diva because of her loud, brassy, bossy, and some called, obnoxious, personality. She was a tall wom

Learning to love sex


Well, my relationship with the taxi driver lasted less than three weeks! We split up at the weekend, after he'd started taking us for granted as a couple. Anyway, that's how I saw our love or lust, or

my first


I used to hitch to my gf who lived about 10 miles away and one nite i had my thumb out when a woman in her mid 40`s gave me a lift. We chatted and i told her i was returning from my gf`s and she asked

Through the window..


She was tied to a trestle frame with her legs spread and a seven inch butt plug fully in her arse.Clips and weights made her already long and succulent cunt lips look longer than ever before and she t