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Hi, my name’s Abhay and I’ve posted many of my sexual advetntures on this forum. I’ve been getting a terrific response. Thank you all for that. My girlfriend’s a bisexual and on popular demand, especi

Michele, part 4

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In the coffee shop, the were sitting at the far end of the room, no one in their back and a few feet apart the other benches. Looking her straigh in the eyes, Michelle saw that her friend was looking

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One evening I was in the backyard tending to my gardening. I stayed outside as long as I could before the darkness made it difficult to see. As I picked up my tools, the light in my daughter's bedro

daughter's coming out


start to get wet.i reached out and held it,pulled it ,flopped it around I was so amazed and a turned-on,my pussy was super drenched in my juices I could feel it starting to run out of my panty's. Dad

The Sauna


‘The plunge pool, followed by ten more lengths.’ She told herself, dragging herself out of the now pleasantly warm water, and padding toward the little round pool. She dipped in a toe.‘Jesus!’ And pul



Selena got out of the taxi just in time to see her neighbour Zoe arriving at the front-door of the block - rather unusually, on the arm of an attractive young man. Unusually, because Zoe was very mu

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A couple years ago I came to college for the first time filled with anxiety. Would I like my classes? Would I like my dorm? And most of all, would I like my roommate? My Dad dropped me off at the dorm

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to live with us, I knew there would be problems. Problems like now I'm supporting two teenage dropouts and continuously running off mobs of k**s with armfuls of beer. Lisa just turned eighteen now and

Frankie & Bob Part 4


Bob walked round and opened the car door for her and gave her his hand to guide her out, Frankie pulled at her skirt trying to pull it as far down as she could though it was only 19” in total anyway t

Erica, Pete´s pet #6


pretended to be tied to Pete´s bed in his hut at a mile high up Snowy Mountain. "Pete, please take and make into your woman", Erica begged Pete to finally let her feel love by a real man. Real love. H

Mary Deanna's Anniversary Fuck part 3


I didn't return home until Sunday night. I was dreading Monday and work, having to face Robert there after the events of the past few days. I prayed I could conceal from everyone there our new relatio

family BBQ


well its your boy tommy here, so i go to our big family bbq this past weekend, had a good time, good food,cold beer,hot sex.i have not seen my cousin in a long time, she was my first fuck and it was g

Back Against the Wall

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Stacy was quite attractive. At 5'7" she thought she was the perfect height. She had long wavy black hair that was half pulled out of her face, revealing high cheek bones and Ocean Blue eyes. Her C cup

I'm Going In.


She leads me to the elevator and hit's third floor, then presses herself up against me... Continuing to rub my constant tent. "when I said you could have everything, I meant it. I can tell in the ligh

The niehgbor boy


When I was 16, we moved away from there, and somehow my toy was lost, for months I went without my ass being touched. I was able to make friends with my neighbors, the k**, Bryan, was 15 years old, a

sssy slaveboy gets trapped & trained Pt 4


The Depo Provera had been injected a week ago to the day and the effects had taken hold in a big way.Empress had not been in touch since that fateful day of my chemical castration and was clearly leav

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I really hate the phrase 'back in the day'. I think it is a tired, over-used phrase and if there is one thing I really hate it is tired, over-used phrases. The problem is, when it comes to describing

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I was born in the United Arab Emirates on the first day of January 1987. At the time of this story, I was twenty three years old. I'm currently studying business administration at Carleton University

Kinky School Part One


the countries finest teachers, many of whom were very sensual. One teacher, my history teacher, was one of them.She had an amazingly large rack and big booty. She was not especially fit, but she looke

the Earth Day


Pam SandwichPamela gives herself to twin brothers as an Earth Day gift.Pamela had already made the picnic and packed it into a wicker basket when the boys arrived. She’d cleaned the kitchen as well, b

how i met my cyber lover


she nodded her head with her sexy look agreeing to the answer, and typed "yes"so i asked wondering "does your husband know that you're here?" just because my wife doesn't know that im here either.she

Chris's Step-Dad,(Part 3).


You should know the 'usual disclaimers' so you make up your own mind about whether it's legal to read this where you are.I'm not advocating sex between minors and adults,or i****t.What I got up to in



He texted me on a Friday night, close to 11pm. We decided to meet at the park, people, lights, I guess safe...hahaWe agreed, we both did look exactly like our pictures. How rare for online dating. ;)

Sexy Ferry Ride


a good looking guy in a truck, being flirty she and I made out and knew he was watching us so when we got out of my car I winked at him before we wandered off to walk around awhile. Getting bored we d

Amy's first Anal


"Oh, yeah?" I replied "Why does Joanie think that?""Well, you know I like doing new stuff, and its the only thing I haven't tried yet.""And Joanie has?""Yep, her and Fred do it all the time."Joanie wa