Fully Dressed


I worked in this kitchen in Fl. and there was this waitress that would always brush her large tits and plump ass against me when ever she would pass me in the kitchen area. So we talked flirtatiously

Grandpa's Lessons - Part Two


She headed into the kitchen where she foud her grandfather was already gone from the house but there was a list of chores for her to do. After a quick breakfast of cereal she headed out hoping perhaps

Cum cuisine excerpt

High School

My husband is a picky eater. Well, I take that back, he is a finicky, superstituous, overtly paranoid and down right trippy eater. The steak has to have the right amount of seasonings in it or he won'

First Time With Ex Girl Friend


The next day i came over we chilled just like we did the other day. I laid on her bed and she laid on my chest.i kissed her on her forehead then down to her cheek then her neck then started to suck on

Sex, d**gs and... Part I


My mother and father stayed the night at my grandmothers so we had a rare occasion when we had the house to ourselves. My sister and I had nothing to do so we milled around the house and eventually se

Martina's Diary: 24th July, 2011


09:30 Attended mass at church. Prayed really hard. But temptation has come to the church because a nice man, new to the area, has started to attend (on his own). Last Sunday, as we knelt to pray, I l

At the movies


She’s wearing her little black dress so I can move my hand up between her silky thighs and gently touch her right where she’s sensitive, right where I can make her scream if I want to.I feel her shive

Locker Room


"I hope not. I'm tired of playing that and it's way to cold outside." I said taking my shirt off. He comes closer to me and his body gently hits me against my naked stomach. "What?" I take a step back

My slaves at a sub party ( i wish i was at one of


"Oh my mom." He drawled. I felt week at the knees. "Peter you're even more sexy and gorgeus than you are on peter the next chapter! Jordan you're mad. but then slags like you don't appriciate the good

OAP Sperm Count


The doctor gave the old man a specimen jar and said, 'Take this jar home and bring back a semen sample tomorrow.' The next day the old guy goes back to the doctor's office and hands over the jar, whi



HER CUM REWARD, 7 BIG BLACK COCKS, 1 LITTLE WHITE WHORE… It was right after the New Year. Last years production in the shop was way up and the guys all had big bonus checks burning a hole in thei

Cyn's Seduction - Part Two


Most were tame, with the woman fucking one man and sucking the dick of the other. More had anal action and double penetration. Some even had a little BDSM, something that I really never had tried wi

Heaven On Earth


We live in a small college town, and when the students go home for the holidays, the town loses half its population. The week leading up to the break was filled with parties as people try to sneak in

My first guy experience


After a while he asked if I had ever been rimmed i said no so he asked if he could rim me I said yeah that's sounds great so he bent me over the couch and start to lick my ass it felt great he stickin

Two Mothers Two Sons Chapter Two


"Okay, okay...enough of this." Jessica said, taking a sip of her tea. "You need to tell me exactly what happened between you and, Matthew and you need to tell me right now." It was only yesterday that

Fun With Female Freshman, A Cum Fiesta


The first guy showed up around 10:15. He was a cute slim guy with short hair but a fairly thick cock and big balls. “You know all those skinny guys have the biggest cocks!” She said with a anxious smi

A Very Good Fuck


As the three guys finished their meal they stood and came over to my table 'Hi I'm John, this is Ralph and that fellow there is Micheal, may we join you.' I thought why on earth would they want to joi

A Friend's F--k


Any way the bouncers thought that we had too much to drink and asked us to leave peacefully, or forcefully, our choice. So Larry and I left to find more futile ground. We made our way to the liquor st

Fucking My BBW Auntie In A Caravan


Hi Im Kyle , i am 6 ft 2, slim-athletic build , dark brown hair ,blue/green eyesi am 19 years old and have a huge cock for my age ,(9.5) when erect.My Auntie is called Liz , she is about 5 ft8 , quite

My Grandma 3


On the day we were suppose to leave I volenteered to pick up my grandmother and bring her to my parents place. Imagine that. I willingly volenteered. My parents thought that was strange. So on that da

Sweet and Juicy


As my fingers tap out my school assignment, I hear the neighbors come home. As they close their door, their doorframe shakes the wall I sit against.I am almost finished with my assignment and before I